Answers to 5 most asked questions about Admission Management System

by Priyalshri Chattar | Oct 17, 2022 | ExtraaEdge’s Blog

The Admission Management System may seem just a three-word phrase to you, or maybe a product catalogue. Maybe you know the product outline but not the output it can provide. Maybe you know the basic structure of an Admission Management System but not the level of customization and additional features the AMS can provide. 

Now let’s replace your “maybe’s” with “certainties” by providing a detailed answer to every relevant question popping up in your mind. From what an Admission Management System is, to how it works, every possible question will be answered in the following sections. 

What is an Admission Management System?

Imagine opening a single window on your laptop and everything you want is just a click away! You need not juggle from one page to another. You are free from all the chaos and can primarily focus on the leads. 

Your imagination has been turned into reality with the Admission Management System. This platform provides complete digitisation of the admission process, with features that include: 

  • Lead integration
  • Lead allocation
  • Lead nurturing through various communication channels
  • Segmentation
  • Creation of customised reports

How does an Admission Management System work?

It may seem that the Admission Management System is a complex software with different sets of programs, codes, APIs, etc., but this backend complexity is all built and maintained to provide you with an easy-to-use platform to systematise your admission process. This single window is the key to all your admission hassle locks. 

Now let us have a quick overview of the features an AMS comprehends. 

Lead Integration

A robust Admission Management System integrates all your lead sources into a single system. The system channels all the scattered data and arranges it. Lead integration also eliminates the chances of coming across duplicate leads. Additionally, it ensures 0% lead leakage with 100% faster responses. 

To dive deeper into it,

  • An AMS integrates different lead generation channels such as Facebook, Google Ads, Just Dial, Sulekhha, Publisher websites (eg. Shiksha, Collegedunia, Careers360, etc), and University websites. 


  • The data obtained from these channels will be pushed into the Admission Management System in a well-organised and easy-to-read format. 


  • Plus, an additional feature is available for any existing data. You can directly upload the data via the bulk upload option feature provided within the AMS. So basically every data, raw or existing, will be safe and accessible. 


Once the leads get integrated, the next significant task is to work on them by allocating the leads. Lead allocation becomes much easier when you can do it all in a matter of seconds. 

Through AMS every lead can be assigned to the apt counselor. The nurturing of the leads can be done by the various communication channels provided within the AMS. 


Communication is the key to conversions. Getting leads is one thing and converting those leads into customers is another. Various options for communication such as Bulk SMS, Emails, WhatsApp, Calling, and Video calls have been provided within the AMS. No third-party application needs to be maintained for the same. Just a good internet connection and a browser will serve the purpose. Now think about what will happen when no one is there to operate AMS and lead inquiries. 

The answer is CHATBOT

The chatbot doesn’t leave the leads hanging around. A chatbot is a product that enables 24*7 communication. Be it 4 in the morning or midnight, the bot will be there to answer queries and collect channelized lead data. It, in turn, helps in lead generation, even when no one is working. 

Analysis and Reports 

“Hey, I got 50 leads from the Facebook ad!” 

“Cool! I got 70 from the website. But I am not sure about the conversion rate!”  

“Fine! I just got 20 leads from the raw data but seems like a maximum of these will convert” 

Okay now, 50+70+20 gives 140 leads in total, but how many amongst these are my hot leads? Which channel is promising when it comes to generating maximum conversion rate? How can I make a report out of this scattered data? 

At the end of the day, the result matters! 

Keeping this phrase in mind, a feature of customised reports for the analysed data is provided within the AMS. No fancy, complex, number sheets for you, just an understandable table or graph will do. The reports can be customised as per your organisational requirements and individual comprehension. 

An admission management system is able to track the following metrics:

  • Performance of lead generation sources, and various campaigns your marketing team runs
  • Counsellor performance 
  • Team performance across campuses 
  • Product efficiency performance
  • Campaign source performance
  • Return on Advertisements (ROAs)
  • Number of calls made by counsellors on a daily basis 
  • Email campaign performance report by showcasing open and clickthrough rates
  • Call to conversion ratio
  • Sources of qualified leads (Facebook, website, Publisher panel, etc.)

Why is the Admission Management System needed?


    We are in the era where notebooks are replaced by MacBooks, human labour is replaced by Machine Learning and here we are replacing traditional admission cells with the Admission Management System. 

    Below mentioned are a few quick points that need to be considered:

    • Accessibility: The data from every source is integrated and can be easily accessed on your laptop screen or mobile screen. 
    • Efficiency: The system is built in a certain way to make the admission process efficient and smooth. Your admission team can be more productive. 
    • Accuracy: The 0% lead leakage and eliminating duplicate leads provide accurate data and hot leads to focus on. No junks!


    An Admission Management System is the secret to next-generation education marketing. Know More!

    When to go with the Admission Management System?

    We are never late for good things, and this can be one of your best investments. If you are someone who still buys registers, and pens for your admission cell or someone who has recently taught the staff to work over spreadsheets then this is your sign to switch to the Admission Management System. 

    You must be getting numerous leads from multiple sources but the conversion rate is very low. Surely you are investing much over traditional techniques and maybe your investment is scattered. We generally spend much on driblets and think we are spending less, but the harsh truth is that we spend much more. So a better solution to this is a one-time investment in the Admission Management System. 

    The admission management system provides you with a hassle-free admission process with efficiency at par. This is the right time and the right place to invest in one. 

    How do I move my existing admission team & data to the Admission Management System?

    The Admission Management System is an easy-to-use and good-to-go application for you no doubt but now the more significant question arises, how can you move your existing team to the AMS?

    Don’t worry, just remember the most important metrics before selecting an admission management system for you and that is a super supportive customer success team

    A customer-oriented AMS provider will definitely have a customer success team that consists of a bunch of intellectual and tech-savvy people. The team will be ready to guide you from the very beginning. They will guide you through the product, how it works, what improvisations can be done to smoothen your admission process, and everything and anything. At times whenever you are stuck with the functioning of any of the features the CS team should have your back. 

    Now the problem lies with existing data! 

    The data already put over in your Excel or spreadsheets will be safe in the AMS through our bulk upload feature. You can push your data into the Admission Management System using the bulk upload feature. So technically your data is safe with us. Also if by any chance something happens with your system or any technical error, the data is recoverable and safe. 


    The Admission Management System is a boon to the traditional methods used by the admission team. The incorporation of the admission management system cuts down manual labour and significantly reduces the time spent around Excel sheets and registers. The salient feature of this system is it is a single-screen application thereby excluding the clueless juggling between different computer windows. 

    Now, the Admission Management System is not just a three-word phrase to you, it is a complete product catalogue that you may be planning to use in the near future. You now know the basic structure of an Admission Management System and also the level of customization and additional features we can provide. 


    So what are you waiting for, Book a Demo Now and see it all for yourself. 


    Everything and anything you desire, we are here to assemble!