Higher Education CRM built for B-Schools, Colleges and Universities

An exclusively designed CRM for the higher education segment to digitise their entire admissions process and boost conversion rates by 2X.


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Integrate all lead channels and auto-allocate leads

Manually entering each lead into an Excel sheet can be cumbersome. With a higher education CRM, you can integrate all your lead sources and third-party vendors to bring every lead into a single system. This will minimise the manual effort of counselors, avoid any lead leakage, and optimise the response time. 

Top features: 

  • Ad channel integration such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to avoid missing out on leads from paid sources
  • Publisher panel integration to track and manage all the publisher leads in a single system 
  • Social media integration such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter to track interactions with leads as well as customers 
  • Auto-allocation to ensure that the right counselors are working effectively on leads based on their region or expertise 
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Automate all communication channels

Manual communication with leads is always time-consuming and results in low productivity. With a higher education CRM, you will be able to automate your whole communication across the admission cycle using our rule engine. Workflow automation helps with repetitive manual tasks, such as assigning leads to counselors or triggering follow-up tasks after a lead has been contacted.

Top features: 

  • Drip and trigger-based email campaigns to automate lead nurturing and keep the leads engaged 
  • Marketing automation to track the effectiveness of your various campaigns and optimise your future marketing campaigns
  • Inbuilt click-to-call to reduce response time and also provide a personalised experience with a web-based video calling feature
  • Bulk SMS and two-way Whatsapp to reach out to prospects at right time and nurture them
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Customise and Digitise application forms

Enough of those time-consuming, manual, and complicated application processes. Now it’s time to switch to our three-step online Application Management System to automate your candidate management, improve conversions, and boost engagement. You will also be able to design your own application forms and GD/PI workflows. 

Top features: 

  • Mobile-friendly application and communication to increase engagement & accessibility, and improve the overall user experience
  • Application mapper to track the student activities and exactly know which stage of application they are at to guide them accordingly
  • Integrated payment gateways to have more control over transactions for effective monitoring and management
  • Reminders and alerts settings for counseling team to assist the students with form filling 
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150+ insightful and customised reports

Making data-driven decisions becomes extremely easy with actionable and insightful reports. To assist you in making ROI-driven decisions, we provide you with an inbuilt reporting dashboard with 150+ tailored reports that provide deeper insight into counselors performance, marketing ROI, conversion funnel and much more. 

Top features: 

  • A single-view dashboard to analyse all marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions 
  • Publisher panel dashboard to analyse the attribution of leads from different publishers and track their performance
  • Counselor performance dashboard to measure the performance of an individual counselor in different parameters
  • ROI and conversion reports to identify and replicate successful strategies and tactics used in high-performing campaigns 
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Why Institutes use ExtraaEdge?

Mobile Friendly

Do what a web CRM does with our mobile-friendly CRM app. Auto capture leads through incoming calls.

Customizable CRM

Customize CRM according to your convenience and admission process to increase the productivity of your team.

More Integrations

Integration with over 20+ publishers & marketing channels such as Shiksha, CollegeDunia, CollegeDekho & many more.

Our Customers us

We have been a satisfied customer of ExtraaEdge for 2-3 years. ExtraaEdge is a very dynamic platform, highly customisable. We absolutely appreciate the hand-holding and training that they gave us.

Roopam Bhaduri - Students Relations Manager, Roots

ExtraaEdge has helped us a lot when it comes to numbers. Every year, we have grown by 2–3 times. Also, the reporting dashboard is a unique feature because, as a director, I can keep track of individual data points. The reports are presented very dynamically. I consider ExtraaEdge to be a full package, right from user friendliness to impeccable customisation.

Dr Umesh Patwardhan - Director of Admissions, Vishwakarma University

ExtraaEdge CRM is the power-packed solution for the admissions process. The chatbot and mobile application are the icings on the cake.

Dr Aradhana Goutam - Assistant Professor, IESMCRC

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Higher education CRM is a software solution that helps colleges and universities manage their admissions process end-to-end. A higher education CRM’s ultimate goal is to improve students’ overall experience and help the institution achieve its admission goals. It solves the major challenges faced by the higher education admission team, i.e., managing enquiries and events, nurturing communication, reporting and analytics, and integration with other key platforms such as the institute’s website, Learning Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning, etc. 

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Managing the pool of leads and organising them is not an easy task. You need a solid tech-savvy system like a CRM for higher education. It seamlessly integrates leads from multiple channels to the CRM and auto-assigns the leads to the admissions team. 


When it comes to higher education everyone has almost the same platter of credentials to offer, but what influences the student’s decision is the frequency and competency of communication. A higher education CRM can help you in prospect nurturing by providing multiple communication channels such as calls, bulk SMS, emails, video calls, and WhatsApp. Automating the communication and regular follow-ups results in early closures and maintaining counselors efficiency.  


Higher education institutes have large admission teams. So here, keeping the track of everyone’s performance, and lead conversion rates is a tedious task. Here, the CRM can be a boon as it provides customised reports that provide insight into the conversions related to admissions, counselors, digital advertising, and channel success. These reports will in turn help in making ROI-driven decisions.

So basically, if you have a higher education CRM, you are ultimately freeing yourself from all the admissions chaos.  

A higher education CRM can definitely help you increase your conversion rates as these days, students want regular, relevant and insightful communications while university staff want a streamlined way of reaching out to students without the burden of extra administration. A good CRM serves the purpose of both parties by automating personalised communication via various channels such as calls, SMS, emails, video calls, and WhatsApp. Regular follow-ups can be done through rule engines so the prospects will always have your institute on their mind. 


Several other features that make the admission process efficient and increase the lead conversion rate are mentioned below: 


  • Integration of multiple lead generation channels: it becomes much easier to track and assign leads to team members based on centres, courses, and lead channels. Also, lead leakage is minimised, resulting in increased productivity and response time.



  • Lead verification: verification of leads through OTP helps to filter out irrelevant leads. This will save the counselors’ time, so they can significantly focus on the relevant leads.


  • Automated communication: you can automate your entire communication across the admission cycle, which improves the prospect experience. 


  • Tracking lead status: CRM tracks the lead status and lets the counselors know about the prospect’s willingness so they can plan the next meeting and follow-up calls accordingly. In turn, this prevents the leads from being distracted. 
  • Automated communication: you can automate your entire communication across the admission cycle, which improves the prospect experience. 


  • Tracking lead status: CRM tracks the lead status and lets the counselors know about the prospect’s willingness so they can plan the next meeting and follow-up calls accordingly. In turn, this prevents the leads from being distracted. 

Yes, absolutely, a CRM for higher education definitely supports multiple integrations. The software has a strong interface that supports multiple third-party integrations with utmost efficiency. 


Various third-party vendors such as IVR for calling, Zapier for automation, and bulk SMS can be integrated into customer relationship management software. Also, the payment gateway can be integrated into the software to make the enrollment process easy and speedy.  


Along with the integration of third-party vendors, you can also integrate ERP to make the whole process much easier for you. By integrating your ERP with the management software, you can keep tabs on the various post-admission procedures of the already enrolled students. Every system or application that is involved in the admission process can be integrated so that the CRM will be the only working system for you. 

A CRM for higher education can provide you with multiple additional benefits that sometimes go unnoticed. A few of these are mentioned below: 


  • Very personalised communication: students love when they feel important, and CRM can help here by personalising your communication by segmenting data to, target messages accordingly. 
  • Improving student journey: CRM can improve the overall student journey by being available to solve their queries at all times. 
  • Managing events: Managing vast events can be tedious. CRM can help in centralising activities across various departments thereby organising the process. 
  • Helps in alumni relation-building: some communication sent at the key times of the year will provide a sense of belongingness to the alumni and it may help in word of mouth.