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Multiple lead list management

Managing multiple lead lists on excel sheets is a cumbersome task. With our robust overseas CRM, you can manage multiple lead lists on a single platform to effectively manage and prioritise leads. This will also minimise the manual effort required to sort the leads and maintain multiple lead funnels. 

Top features: 

  • Lead segmentation to sort applicants into different categories based on various criteria such as lead source, program, country, etc. 
  • Document management to organise and centralise each applicant’s relevant documents making it easier to access and track 
  • Lead score to prioritise applicants based on their engagement rate, lead quality and likelihood to convert 
  • Lead auto allocation to assign applicants to specific counselors and ensure that the right counselors are working effectively on leads based on their region and expertise
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Automated multi-channel communications

Manual communication often results in low productivity and missed follow-ups. With our overseas CRM, you can seamlessly communicate and engage with leads using offline and online mediums. Our communication platform powers every touchpoint from voice to text-based channels to increase engagement and ensure a higher likelihood of lead to convert. 

Top features: 

  • Email automation to set drip and trigger-based email campaigns to ensure strong engagement and remarketing 
  • Inbuilt IVR with advanced call routing to route calls to the right counselors based on their availability and avoid missed calls
  • Inbuilt two-way Whatsapp to communicate with your applicants directly within the CRM, to save time and increase counselor’s productivity
  • Whatsapp Bot and FAQ chatbot to provide applicants with 24/7 access to information and support
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Visa application status tracking and management

Going through hundreds of applications and manually updating the visa application status is a typical task. With our overseas CRM, you can streamline the process end to end while updating and tracking the entire visa application process. Through our robust dashboard, every step is tracked and updated in the CRM.

Top features:
  • Auto application status update feature to improve applicant experience as they can view the status of their application in real-time
  • Task scheduling and follow-up reminders to help counselors prioritise their work and avoid missing out on applicants
  • Payment gateway integration to seamlessly collect application fees hence reducing manual errors
  • Mobile application to allow counselors to access applicant data from anywhere and quickly respond to applicant queries
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Insightful and customised reporting dashboard

Manually monitoring every aspect of your admissions process can become overwhelming. To assist you in making ROI-driven decisions, our overseas CRM provides you with an inbuilt reporting dashboard with 150+ tailored reports that provide deeper insight into counselor’s performance, marketing ROI, conversion funnel and much more. 

Top features: 

  • Admin dashboard to keep a check on all the important metrics such as ROI of marketing spent and overall performance of the admission team
  • Ad channel performance reports to track the ROI from paid channels and optimise your spend 
  • Counselor performance dashboard to provide real-time visibility into counselor’s performance and identify areas for improvement and optimise performance.
  • A single-view dashboard to analyse all marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions 
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Why Institutes use ExtraaEdge?


Do what a web CRM does with our mobile-friendly CRM app. Auto capture leads through incoming calls

Customizable CRM

More Integrations

Integration with over 20+ publishers & marketing channels such as Shiksha, CollegeDunia, CollegeDekho & many more


ExtraaEdge Stood out because the product is for the education sector. flexible & customizable that met all of our admission process requirements. An extremely competent staff, Excellent support and fantastic turnaround time is what makes ExtraaEdge unique.

Nahid Afshan - Head of Marketing, BITS Pilani, Dubai

ExtraaEdge’s lead sorting and prioritisation features have streamlined our operations. The Reporting Dashboard allows us to monitor counselors’ performance in real-time and measure our marketing spending. Their marketing automation saves us time on follow-ups with leads. With an exceptional Customer Success team, ExtraaEdge is an invaluable asset to Admit Abroad.

Ameya Gharpure - Co-founder, Admit Abroad

If you are looking for a CRM for your institute, I would highly recommend ExtraaEdge. What I love about this CRM is the reporting dashboard and the flexibility to generate customised reports. We can easily track our counselor’s performance, It is a great feature and helps us in making data-driven decisions. The Customer Success team does commendable work.

Saarthak Gupta - Digital Marketing Head, Yes Germany

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Overseas CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software that focuses deeply on providing solutions to admission challenges that are specific to overseas agents and institutions. It assists consultancies with lead integration, management and nurturing to scale their admissions and gain high conversion rates. It solves the major challenges faced by the overseas admission team, i.e., managing multiple lead lists, having a common platform for document storage, and tracking the status of visa applications. 


The overseas CRM helps to maintain multiple lead lists for different segments. A separate lead funnel will be created for admissions, training, visa applications, etc. Every detail about a prospective lead, such as their personal details, demographics, region, course/program that they are applying for, their source, and what stage the lead is in will be available in the CRM. This information helps the admission team nurture the prospective student further through multiple communication channels such as SMS, email, voice calls, video calls, and even WhatsApp.


Another major aspect of overseas CRM is that it provides a single platform for document storage for individual leads. This will save you time from hovering over excel sheets and making separate documents for each lead. Additionally, we provide a well-organized visa application tracker that tracks the application status right from enrollment to emigration. So basically, if you know how to use an overseas CRM efficiently, you are ultimately freeing yourself from all the admission management chaos. 

When it comes to managing multiple lead lists, overseas CRM is the thing for you. When we say “multiple lead list,” it means a separate lead list for admissions, training, and visa applications. All these lists are managed edge-to-edge through our overseas CRM. 

  • Multiple funnels: The overseas CRM is designed in a certain way that provides multiple funnels for each lead list along with the status of the lead activities. 
  • Focused lead nurturing: Tracking of the lead activities allows the admission team to operate effectively and efficiently which in turn helps them to focus on lead nurturing.
  • Means of lead nurturing: For lead nurturing there are multiple communication channels available such as Chatbot, SMS, Email, IVR calls, Video calls and Whatsapp. 
  • Zero lead leakage: The CRM provides solid integration of lead sources. An additional feature of periodic follow-ups and notification alerts prevents missing out on leads. 
  • Safe database: The overseas CRM keeps all your lead databases safe. Plus, you can upload your existing data on the CRM via the bulk upload option. 

Basically, you are safe from all the juggling between excel and spreadsheets with our single platform overseas CRM. 

Yes, of course, the status of visa applications can be tracked within the overseas CRM. Your counselors need not take follow-ups from different agents. Every single step, be it the submission of the required documents, paying the visa fee, or scheduling of the visa interview, everything is tracked and updated in the CRM. A few significant points to note here are:

  • The overseas CRM comes along with an application form where all the required documents for visa applications can be uploaded and stored. 
  • The payment gateway for the visa application fee is integrated, so the students can directly pay the fee through the CRM. 
  • The overseas CRM is structured enough to track the visa application till the very end. 

So basically, with our overseas CRM, your manual labor becomes zero!

Yes, overseas CRM can definitely solve the problem of multiple document storage. See, basically here we have two major issues. The first one is to collect all the required documents and the second is to place all the documents in one place. We have solved both of these problems through our application form

A student-facing application form is built, where students can upload their documents in PDF format. Here, all the documents will be collected as well as kept intact in a single place. Your counselors need not collect the documents from multiple sources and make separate documents for each student. 

Overseas CRM is a single-stop solution for your admission team.