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An exclusively designed Admissions Management Software for top coaching and training institutes to manage their admissions process digitally and boost conversion rates by 10X.


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Integrate all Lead Generation channels

Now it will be much easier to track and assign leads from multiple lead sources with our coaching admission management software. All incoming queries are consolidated, and leads are assigned automatically to team members based on centres, courses, and lead channels. Lead leakage is minimised, resulting in increased productivity and response time.

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Automate communication via rule engines

Manual communication with students during the admissions process is always time-consuming and results in low productivity. Using our rule engine, you can automate your entire communication across the admission cycle and prospect experience. Workflows can be easily constructed with email, SMS, video, chat, and bots, and triggered by events like opens, clicks, or no response. It’s a terrific method to save time and money by automating your marketing communication in our coaching admission management system. 

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Remote admissions, backed by mobile CRM and communication software

Reduce the time it takes for your counselors to respond with an all-in-one in-built communication solution that is accessible across devices. Through our user-friendly smartphone app, you can call, SMS, email, and WhatsApp your prospects on the move. Manage all your coaching admissions with our mobile CRM software.  

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Get actionable reports across centres, lead channels and dispersed remote teams

Without meaningful and insightful reports, making data-driven decisions and further optimising admission procedures becomes incredibly challenging. Our coaching admission management software provides you with customised reports that provide insight into your conversions related to admissions, counselors, digital advertising, and channel success, among other things, to help you make ROI-driven decisions.

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Why Institutes use ExtraaEdge?


Do what a web CRM does with our mobile-friendly CRM app. Auto capture leads through incoming calls

Customizable CRM

Customize CRM according to your convenience & admission process. Easy visualization to

More Integrations

Integration with over 20+ publishers & marketing channels such as Shiksha, CollegeDunia, CollegeDekho & many more


A great CRM platform with the ability to track inquiries and monitor counsellor’s day-to-day performance. They have a great customer Success team catering to our needs.

Mr. VMS Grover - Managing Director, Gyanam

Timely follow-up and responding to students’ questions promptly were our main challenges, and ExtraaEdge resolved these two with its robust system. I highly recommend ExtraaEdge as it is one of the best CRM in the education industry. It definitely increases our productivity and reliability.

Shashank Vikram Singh - CEO, Mahendra Educational Pvt. Ltd

With ExtraaEdge you find everything under one umbrella. It’s a customizable CRM platform that simplifies lead allocation. It has an excellent analytics dashboard that significantly reduced our lead dropout rate to a great extent. The user-friendly platform is complemented by a strong Customer Success team.

Santokh Brar - Co-Founder, O2IAS

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Coaching Admission Management software is a Customer Relationship Management software that is exclusively designed for coaching institutes to assist the admission team with lead integration, management, and nurturing with the sole purpose of scaling their admissions. It solves the major challenges faced by the coaching institute’s admission team, i.e., managing discrete data, raw data nurturing, and maintaining performance reports of telecallers or counselors. 


When it comes to a coaching institute, the lead data is often discrete. Also, a major chunk of data is available offline, for instance, some students do not enquiry online; they believe in walk-ins. So this data can be seamlessly integrated into the software. Moreover, it makes the counselors’ lives much easier as they can find data about all previous correspondence and plan their meetings, calls, and campaigns accordingly. 


Another major aspect of the coaching institute admissions management software is that it provides multiple communication channels such as calls, bulk SMS, emails, video calls, and WhatsApp. These in-built communication channels make it easy for counselors to reach out to prospects at the right time and nurture them to closure. 


Most coaching institutes have large admission teams. Keeping tabs on everyone’s performance, and lead conversion rates is a tedious task. Here, the CRM can be of great help as it provides customised reports that provide insight into the conversions related to admissions, counselors, digital advertising, and channel success. These reports will in turn help in making ROI-driven decisions.


So basically, if you have a coaching institute admissions management software, you are ultimately freeing yourself from all the admissions chaos. 

Yes, absolutely, a coaching admission management software definitely supports multiple integrations. The software has a strong interface that supports multiple third-party integrations with utmost efficiency. 

Systems such as IVR for calling, Zapier for automation, and various third-party vendors for bulk SMS can be integrated into the admissions management software. Also, the payment gateway can be integrated into the software to make the enrollment process easy and speedy.  


Not only this, but you can even integrate ERP to make things much easier for you. By integrating your ERP with the management software, you can keep tabs on the various post-admission procedures of the already enrolled students. Every system or application that is involved in the admission process can be integrated to make coaching management software the only working system for you.

Coaching Admission management software can definitely help you increase your conversion rates. The software brings multiple features that make the admission process efficient, thereby increasing the lead conversion rate. A few of the features are mentioned below: 


  • Integration of multiple lead generation channels: it becomes much easier to track and assign leads to team members based on centres, courses, and lead channels. Also, lead leakage is minimised, resulting in increased productivity and response time.


  • Lead verification: verification of leads through OTP helps to filter out irrelevant leads. This will save the counselors’ time, so they can significantly focus on the relevant leads.


  • Multiple communication channels: in-built communication channels such as calls, SMS, emails, video calls, and WhatsApp make it easy for you to reach out to prospects. 


  • Automated communication: you can automate your entire communication across the admission cycle, which improves the prospect experience. 


  • Tracking lead status: Coaching institute management software tracks the lead status, which lets the counselors know about their willingness so they can plan the next meeting and follow-up calls accordingly. In turn, this prevents the leads from being distracted. 


Yes, of course, the major chunk of the population believes in walk-ins when it comes to coaching institutes. The data of your regular walk-ins can be pushed into the coaching admission management software via walk-in forms. The software can be integrated with a walk-in form, so every time a student visits, he needs to fill out this form (or the counselor can do that for him), which directly pushes the lead information to the system. 


Once the lead has been pushed into the software, its status will be updated automatically via rule engines. A workflow can be easily constructed with email, SMS, video, chat, and bots, and can be triggered by events like opens, clicks, or no response.