IVR for Seamless Call Tracking, Routing and Recording

An Internet-based calling system built within the education CRM that seamlessly tracks, records, and routes counsellor calls with a virtual number.

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Build the Calling Flow with a Virtual Number

Assign a unique DID number to your institute and create a central hub for all incoming calls, improving accessibility and efficiency.

Key Features 

  • Unique numbers that look like STD codes allow you to establish a local presence in multiple regions.
  • Some numbers exactly look like your mobile number to enhance familiarity and encourage increased call responsiveness.
  • You can also choose from toll-free numbers to minimize call costs for your students and provide them with a cost-effective way to reach your institute.
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Seamless Routing of Inbound Calls

Customize your IVR system to direct calls either to counsellors first and then to students, or the other way around, depending on your specific needs.

Key Features 

  • Easily conduct bulk dialling campaigns and configure the call sequence to start with either students or counsellors, ensuring a more seamless process.
  • Streamline lead management with the Sticky Agent feature, ensuring that leads are seamlessly directed to designated counsellors and the rightful lead owners.
  • With Autodialer, you can effortlessly route calls based on specific statuses and conditions, ensuring your communication is always on point.
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Mobile Independent Advance Features

With our softphone calling feature, agents can make calls directly from their laptop or desktop, eliminating mobile device dependency and improving accessibility.

Key Features:

  • Engage with prospects using Conversational Bot Calling, providing instant and personalized responses for a smoother customer experience.
  • Real-time Call Barging and supervision allow you to intervene in ongoing calls with both students and counsellors for real-time issue resolution.
  • Discreet Call Whispering allows you to discreetly communicate with counsellors without the student hearing, ensuring seamless support and agent training.
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Reporting and Analytics for In-Depth Insights

Harness the power of data to optimize your institute’s communication strategies, increase efficiency, and provide the best possible support to your students.

Key Features:

  • Monitor call handling times, conversion rates, and overall productivity to ensure your admissions team is operating at its best.
  • Review call recordings to evaluate the quality of counselling and ensure that your students receive the best support.
  • Create customized reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to keep a close eye on your institute’s performance.
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ExtraaEdge stood out because the product is for the education sector. Flexible & customizable that met all of our admission process requirements. An extremely competent staff, Excellent support and fantastic turnaround time is what makes ExtraaEdge unique.

Nahid Afshan - Head of Marketing, BITS Pilani, Dubai

The best thing about ExtraaEdge is its openness to customisation. They listen to customers and are readily available. Their robust analytics have no competition. 

Srinivas Shinde - Chief Marketing Officer, Dayananda Sagar University

When it comes to reaching out to students, ExtraaEdge CRM saves a lot of our efforts. All the analytics & reports were readily available. We went ahead with ExtraaEdge because of their awesome support team who handled our complex requirements quite easily.

Prachi Hajela - Manager India & South Asia, Manchester Metropolitan University

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An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system greatly streamlines the admissions process for educational institutions. It offers a user-friendly interface with a welcome message and menu options, guiding students through program details, application criteria, and deadlines. The IVR acts as an informational hub, providing answers to FAQs, details on events, and guidance on document submission.


Additionally, the IVR system directs calls to the right admissions counsellors based on factors like region, preferences, and expertise. This smart call routing ensures quick connections to counsellors who can offer personalized help.


Whether in real-time or through a callback, this streamlined approach makes the admissions process more efficient for students, providing targeted assistance aligned with their specific needs.

IVR systems are highly beneficial for admissions counsellors in various ways. Here’s a comprehensive explanation of how an IVR system can be useful for admissions counsellors:

  • Centralized Hub: Assign a unique DID number for streamlined communication and increased efficiency.
  • Efficient Inquiry Handling: Provides automated responses to common questions, allowing counsellors to focus on more complex issues.
  • Call Routing: Directs calls to the appropriate counsellor based on inquiry type, streamlining communication.
  • Data Collection and Analytics: Gathers valuable data on preferences and feedback, aiding counsellors in tailoring interactions.
  • Quality Assessment: Utilize call recordings to ensure high-quality counselling and continuous improvement.
  • Sticky Agent Feature: Streamline lead management by directing leads to designated counsellors.

The integration of the IVR system with CRM is a critical component for optimizing admissions efficiency. It empowers admissions teams with a wealth of information, facilitates data-driven decision-making, and contributes to a seamless and personalized experience for applicants throughout the admissions journey.


Here’s how:

  • Unified Applicant Profiles: Create comprehensive applicant profiles by integrating IVR interactions seamlessly with the CRM, allowing for a 360-degree view of each applicant’s journey.
  • Real-time Data Updates: Ensure that data is updated in real-time across the CRM, eliminating manual data entry and streamlining processes like interview scheduling through the IVR.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Analyze integrated data to identify trends, improve response scripts, and make informed decisions, contributing to a more efficient admissions strategy.
  • Automated Follow-Ups: Automate follow-up activities based on IVR interactions, such as sending targeted emails or notifications to relevant admissions officers.
  • Customized Communication: Utilize CRM data to tailor communication, providing applicants with a more personalized experience and increasing overall satisfaction.