5 Ways to Work More Productively with Study Abroad CRM

by Priyalshri Chattar | Aug 31, 2022 | ExtraaEdge’s Blog

The Study Abroad CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software that helps consultancies with lead integration, management, and nurturing to scale overseas admissions. Unlike any other CRM, the study abroad CRM provides the below-mentioned key features. 

  • Lead Integration: The study abroad CRM provides solid integration of various lead generation channels such as Facebook, Google Ads, Just Dial, Sulekhha, Publisher websites (eg. Shiksha, Collegedunia, Careers360, etc), and University websites. Hence, it assures zero lead leakage. 
  • Focused lead nurturing: As all the lead activities are being tracked, the admission teams need not worry about the tracking part, but rather focus on lead nurturing to operate more effectively and efficiently. 
  • Mediums of lead nurturing: For lead nurturing, there are multiple communication channels available in our study abroad CRM, such as Chatbot, SMS, Email, Calls, Video calls and Whatsapp. 
  • Secure database: The study abroad CRM keeps all your database and documents secure. Additionally, you can upload your existing data to the CRM via the bulk upload option. 

Now you must be thinking that if every CRM performs the same functionalities, then what are some unique features that need to be considered while looking for an efficient study abroad CRM? 

We have covered all the necessary features you have to look for before buying a study abroad CRM.

Multiple Lead List Management

Imagine it’s the morning time and you have opened your PC to check for leads, fortunately, you have many! While going through their requirements, you got to know that some leads were enquiring about the admissions, some were asking for training plus admissions, many were just concerned about their visa application, and a few were interested in getting a work permit. 

lead list management in study abroad crm

Now you have multiple leads to cater to, you need a different funnel for each of your leads and to track their status. How would you do that with a generic CRM? 

Now, here ‘Multiple Lead List Management’ comes into the frame. A multiple lead list means a separate lead list for admissions, training, work permits, and visa applications. Each lead will be pushed to its relevant funnel, hereby starting its lead journey. 

The segments don’t end here. An applicant may have applied to multiple overseas universities, and he may be at a different stage of admission for each university. Through the study abroad CRM, counselors can track the status of multiple lead journeys. So basically, every update for each applicant is managed edge-to-edge, which in turn helps in providing timely follow-ups to your leads. 

Collecting and Storing Documents 

The most tedious task for a counselor is to collect the required documents from the applicants. 

If by chance, through 100 calls and messages, he conquered the document collection game, then he has to level up the game by keeping all the documents in a single place!

document collection in study abroad crm

Okay, now just think of a scenario where you are not using the study abroad CRM and one of your counselors has 20 hot leads. The following mention is the traditional way they follow. 

  • Firstly, the counselor is calling every single student to remind them to submit the required documents. 
  • Secondly, each student will be submitting their documents through different mediums such as WhatsApp, some via email, or applications like Google Drive, dropbox etc. 
  • Last but not least, the counselor will have to assemble all the documents and make separate files for each student! 

All these tasks will roughly take a week or two, or even more with lots of effort and spending discrete energy. What if we could have a smooth automated process for document collection and storage? 

The study abroad CRM has a simple solution for this problem, i.e., an application form. An application form is built, where students can upload their documents in PDF format. All the documents will be collected as well as kept safe in a single place, thereby freeing the counselors from all the hustle and bustle of documentation and making things easy and efficient. 

Tracking Visa Applications 

A visa application is a lengthy as well as an obligatory process when it comes to overseas admissions. Right after the document collection and submission, the process of application tracking begins, which comes along with lots of hustle for counselors. 

visa tracking in study abroad crm

Traditionally, every student will track their application by sending you tons of emails, calling helpline numbers, messaging your counselors, or directly visiting the offices. But all these means of tracking are cumbersome for your counselors. 

Tracking a visa is not a cakewalk, but a good study abroad CRM CAN make it one for you. Let’s see how. 

The study abroad CRM saves the time of your counselors by making the visa application tracking accessible to their fingertips. The status of the application is updated in the CRM automatically. Counselors can now know exactly at what stage of the visa process the student is at, and can send him a brief for the same. So basically, the study abroad CRM cuts the extensive hustling and smoothens the process. 

Payment Integration 

The visa application process is incomplete without the application fee payment. For this, the applicants have various options to pay; net banking, credit cards, debit cards, UPI, etc. Now each applicant will take a different payment gateway, which in turn engages the counselor to track the individual payment. 

payment integration in study abroad crm

Don’t you think it’s a tedious task? What if all these payment gateways can be integrated within the CRM itself? 

Yes, the study abroad CRM works exactly like this, the CRM is integrated with a third-party vendor, for example, Easebuzz, which is a digital payment solution platform. So when the counselor wants the student to pay the fee, he can directly send the payment link via email or SMS from the CRM itself. The mail consists of the name of the candidate, the amount of fee to be paid, and the last date of fee payment. 

As soon as the student clicks on the link, it gets navigated to multiple payment options. The counselor can also send a timely payment follow-up if required with just one click!

Robust Customer Support 

What is the use of all these features when you have no one to tell you how to use them in an efficient way? Or to help you out when you get stuck somewhere while working with the CRM? Or for instance, you might need some additional features to be added or removed from the study abroad CRM. Then whom will you contact?

robust customer support

The traditional problem-solving method that normally CRM providers use is either email or chat. And both of these are time-consuming and less efficient ways to connect. To avoid these complications, you should always look for a CRM with a dedicated Customer Support team that assists you throughout your journey with the study abroad CRM. The CS team will timely train your counsellor and admins on the functioning and the new updates of the study abroad CRM. 

Additionally, the CRM provider should understand the concept of customisation! For them, customer satisfaction should be their ultimate goal, which is impossible to attain without a solid customer connection. A dedicated account manager should be kept in touch with the customers to customise the study abroad CRM as per their needs and make the process buttery smooth!

To Sum Up 

The study abroad CRM not only provides systematic automation for your admission process but also tracks your output in the form of customizable reports. You can understand the applicants’ admits and rejections, channel ROI, engagement outcomes, and counselor performance in real-time through 100 different types of customizable dashboards. This report will help you make data-driven business decisions because in the end, results matter!

The study abroad CRM solves the admission team’s significant challenges, which are, managing multiple lead lists, a common platform for document storage, and tracking the status of visa applications. 

Basically, a study abroad CRM is a jack of your admission process. Now let’s focus on how you can use this jack to lift the axle of admissions with Extraaedge Overseas CRM