Education Chatbot to Scale Your Admissions

An Education chatbot designed to capture quality leads for your team. With its 24/7 availability and ability to handle multiple queries simultaneously, it shortens the admissions cycle and hence boosts your conversions.

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Timeless Support: 24/7 Availability

Think of our chatbot as your dependable employee that never clocks out. It tirelessly works to assist and engage with prospects even when you’re not available. Whether answering questions, providing information, or guiding prospects through the enrollment process, our chatbot is always there to lend a helping hand.

  • 24/7 availability to ensure round-the-clock interaction with your prospects, regardless of time zones and business hours
  • Instant response to provide real-time responses, offer immediate support to prospects and decrease the response time
  • Initiate live chat at any point between the automated chat interactions to resolve matters that need an in-depth discussion
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Personalise Engagement: NLP-Based Bot

Transform the way you engage with your audience through our NLP-based bot. With natural language processing capabilities, our bot creates meaningful and personalised conversations, delivering a human-like experience. By having a personalised engagement, you can enhance the user experience and drive higher conversions.

  • Natural language understanding empowers the bot to comprehend complex queries and provide exact, relevant information with accurate responses
  • Customisation of the flow helps you ask relevant questions such as academic qualifications, test scores, or prerequisite courses
  • Provide relevant collateral, such as course catalogues, to guide and support your prospects throughout the admissions process
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Automate application process: Inbuilt Form

Convert your website traffic into a lead generation channel and guide them throughout the admissions journey. Our chatbot facilitates this by creating a registration form. Additionally, it nurtures leads by providing ongoing support, answering frequently asked questions, and offering personalised guidance at every step of the admissions journey.

  • Customisable form fields offer flexibility in designing the form and enable you to capture specific information tailored to their admissions requirements
  • Data validation ensures the completeness and correctness of each field by validating the data entered in the field
  • Real-time error notification that instantly notifies the applicant when there are any errors or missing information detected in the form submission
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Flush Junks: OTP Verification

Ensure the quality of leads coming into your admission chatbot by implementing a verification process through email or phone. Upon receiving the prospect’s contact details, such as email or phone number, the chatbot can generate and send a unique OTP to the provided medium and confirm their genuine interest in your institution.

  • User authentication through OTP verification ensures that the user attempting to interact with the chatbot is real
  • Through multi-channel support, you can select the mode of verification. Our chatbot offers both email and phone number verification
  • Selective lead movement ensures only qualified leads enter the CRM system, thereby providing the counselor with clean data to work with

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Seamless Integration: Multi-Channel Presence

With our entire focus on seamless integration, we offer a multi-channel presence for the chatbot. Our chatbot seamlessly connects with your current systems, like your website, CRM, and social media platforms, providing multiple engagement options. This ensures catering to a wider range of audiences with a smooth user experience.

  • Integration with CRM ensures seamless lead management with zero lead loss and automates data sync to reduce manual effort and the risk of errors
  • Integration with your website and ensures real-time lead capture and qualification to initiate follow-up actions promptly
  • Integration with social media platforms to extend your audience reach and availability, ensuring increased lead generation
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Our Customers us

ExtraaEdge stood out because the product is for the education sector. Flexible & customizable that met all of our admission process requirements. An extremely competent staff, Excellent support and fantastic turnaround time is what makes ExtraaEdge unique.

Nahid Afshan - Head of Marketing, BITS Pilani, Dubai

The best thing about ExtraaEdge is its openness to customisation. They listen to customers and are readily available. Their robust analytics have no competition. 

Srinivas Shinde - Chief Marketing Officer, Dayananda Sagar University

When it comes to reaching out to students, ExtraaEdge CRM saves a lot of our efforts. All the analytics & reports were readily available. We went ahead with ExtraaEdge because of their awesome support team who handled our complex requirements quite easily.

Prachi Hajela - Manager India & South Asia, Manchester Metropolitan University

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Chatbots have become a game-changer in the education industry. They are powerful tools for engaging with students and attracting new ones. Education Chatbot is like a smart and virtual advisor that can provide valuable assistance.


  1. Enhanced Student Engagement: Chatbots provide instant responses to inquiries, guide students through various processes, and offer support in real-time. This level of responsiveness keeps students actively involved and satisfied with their educational journey.
  2. 24/7 Availability: Chatbots can operate round the clock, unlike human representatives, who have limitations in availability. With the growing number of students seeking information online, having a chatbot that is accessible at any time ensures that students can receive assistance promptly, irrespective of their time zones or schedules.
  3. Scalability: Chatbots can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, making them highly scalable. They can cater to a large number of students without the need for additional resources.
  4. Quick and Accurate Information: Chatbots are programmed with accurate and up-to-date information about courses, programmes, admission requirements, and campus facilities. This enables them to provide students with reliable information instantly, saving time and effort.

An education chatbot can assist interested students by offering specific information on the courses they are looking for. It also makes it very simple for students to choose an option from a drop-down menu in an appealing style. All of the options chosen by the user can be used by admissions teams to better understand the student’s profile. Some of the other main advantages of Education Chatbots include:

  • Students receive immediate assistance and responses.
  • An improved user experience.
  • A better understanding of the student’s preferences
  • Integration in Education CRM also becomes easy.


An Education Chatbot on a website is like a virtual assistant, providing instant access to information, guiding leads through processes, and enhancing the overall user experience for inquiries and support.

Here’s how an Education Chatbot typically works on a website:


Interact with users: When a user visits a website with an Education Chatbot, they can initiate the conversation by typing a question or selecting predefined options.


Provide relevant responses: Based on the user’s query, the Chatbot generates a relevant and personalised response. It can provide information about courses, admission procedures, campus facilities, academic programs, tuition fees, and more.


Features to interact: An Education Chatbot offers interactive features such as clickable buttons, carousels, and quick links to provide a more engaging user experience.


Access real-time data: It can be integrated with robust backend systems such as an education CRM. This enables the Chatbot to access real-time data, provide personalised recommendations, and assist with tasks like registration or application status tracking.

It is critical to first establish the correct use case for a chatbot in the education industry before making a decision. Before choosing the ideal Chatbot for Education, there are a few factors to consider:

  •  The data collected from the chatbot should get integrated with the CRM.
  • The chatbot should be customisable as per your specific needs.
  • It should be backed up by industry knowledge.
  • There should be no hidden charges.