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Experience free-flowing conversations with prospects using WhatsApp chat and bot with advanced notification capabilities.

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Send bulk WhatsApp automated campaigns

Reach out to your prospects with relevant communication to build recall and boost admissions.

  • Set up one-time or recurring campaigns
  • Build campaign audiences based on student attributes and events
  • Elevate campaign performance with images, videos, PDFs, etc and interactive message templates like CTAs and quick reply buttons
  • Send non-transactional messages (discounts & offers, deadlines, & more)
  • Monitor campaign performance stats like messages sent, delivered, read and replied to

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One business account for all

Collaborate with unlimited teammates to provide superior admission support using a single WhatsApp business number.

  • Reply instantly with quick replies and pre-configured templates
  • Enable team collaboration with conversation labels and private notes in the CRM
  • Manage prospect expectations with welcome messages, OOO messages, and delayed response messages
  • Track response and resolution times of counselors

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Automate notifications

Manage admissions conversations efficiently and improve students’ experience by creating simple automated workflows.

  • Trigger automatic WhatsApp messages when your prospect takes an action (or doesn’t!)
  • Save time and effort by adding custom replies for frequently asked questions
  • Manage high volumes of admission conversations efficiently
  • Quick to set up and easy to maintain

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Get a verified WhatsApp business account

Get an official WhatsApp business API account provisioned and opened by our team. The green tick mark is a symbol of authenticity and business identity for your brand.

  • Get an official business account opened for your business in just 1 week
  • Track all approved WhatsApp templates and get more relevant templates approved on time
  • Get your office address details and support numbers listed or associated with the brand
  • Manage identity to protect you against fake accounts and identity breaches

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Move to WhatsApp 1:1 live chat any time

Create a two-way chat experience that easily transitions from a personalised bot experience to a live one-on-one that students will know and love. Solve students’ and customers’ problems proactively. Anticipate questions and respond faster!

  • Route WhatsApp bots to live chat
  • Add team members to chat with students
  • Keep the students engaged
  • Provide additional curated information

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ExtraaEdge stood out because the product is for the education sector. Flexible & customizable that met all of our admission process requirements. An extremely competent staff, Excellent support and fantastic turnaround time is what makes ExtraaEdge unique.

Nahid Afshan - Head of Marketing, BITS Pilani, Dubai

The best thing about ExtraaEdge is its openness to customisation. They listen to customers and are readily available. Their robust analytics have no competition. 

Srinivas Shinde - Chief Marketing Officer, Dayananda Sagar University

When it comes to reaching out to students, ExtraaEdge CRM saves a lot of our efforts. All the analytics & reports were readily available. We went ahead with ExtraaEdge because of their awesome support team who handled our complex requirements quite easily.

Prachi Hajela - Manager India & South Asia, Manchester Metropolitan University

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A WhatsApp chatbot (WhatsApp bot) is a pre-defined programme designed to automatically answer student queries about your college, course, program, or services, share content, and send notifications regarding exams, fees, and important updates directly on WhatsApp. The response can be in the form of a message, image, buttons, or a video to help your customers in real-time. A WhatsApp chatbot is initiated when a user messages your business.

A WhatsApp bot majorly impacts the following two factors which eventually help you to achieve a higher admission rate:

  • Reduce Response Time: The average First Response Time (FRT) for a live chat in our industry is 1 minute and 36 seconds. A low response rate creates more satisfied candidates who tend to get converted more quickly than usual and build trust by 14% more. Response time on WhatsApp can be reduced by using automated messages (bot).
  • Automate commonly asked questions: As more people are moving towards an online model and quick response, the number of queries related to admissions, exam dates, hall tickets, and fee payment has seen a huge spike. These queries, if not automated, can take a considerable amount of the counselor’s time. Hence, it’s very important for businesses to automate these FAQs to reduce the burden on your admission team and help them focus on converting the admissions.

The difference between a WhatsApp bot and an API is that a bot can only help you with automated pre-set queries, whereas with an API you can send custom messages with live chat to the user. The bot can be initiated only by the user, but the API can be initiated from both ends. With the API, you can send attachments, videos, and images, which is not possible via bot.

Whatsapp API is significantly different from Whatsapp Business App in many aspects. The major difference lies within the businesses they cater to, the features they provide, the device dependencies, and the number of users. Simply comparing the API with the App will help you analyse which one is best suited for your business. 


Whatsapp API: Unlike the App, Whatsapp API provides you with better bandwidth to scale a large customer base. The API routes and escalates conversations to humans or bots by setting up a large volume of automated responses, allowing immediate responses to frequent customer queries. Some significant benefits of using the Whatsapp API are provided below: 

  • Removes Device Dependency: With the usage of Whatsapp API, you eliminate the concept of device dependency as you can enable a central chat dashboard.  
  • Integration of marketing lead generation channels: It can be integrated with different lead generation channels such as Facebook, Social Ad campaigns, on-site chat widgets, etc. 
  • Verified Business account: Whatsapp verifies the authenticity of a brand or a product by providing it with a green badge in order to make it more reliable for its customers. 
  • Automation: The chatbot can easily automate FAQs and common queries, which minimizes the response time. 
  • KPI and analytics: Whatsapp API provides the feature of KPI or key performance indicator which is responsible for collecting the lead data and presenting it in the most readable format. KPI tracking serves as the benchmark of advancement. 


Whatsapp Business App: Whatsapp Business App is a good option when it comes to small businesses. Its primary focus is to provide you with a personalised but generic way to interact with your customers. Some significant features of the WhatsApp Business app are: 

  • Always available in hand: People majorly browse everything on their mobile, so the app will provide more opportunities to reach prospects. 
  • Improves reach: Today, almost everyone is using WhatsApp to connect with each other and share multiple things. So basically it maximizes your reachability to a wider group of people. 
  • Provides a personal touch: For a small business that does not cater to a bulk audience will be able to build a one-on-one relationship with its customers.  
  • More trustworthy and reliable: When a customer interacts with a verified business account, it offers a level of assurance and trust. 

So in a nutshell, WhatsApp API helps you reach a wider range of prospects through a verified account whereas, WhatsApp Business App is more like a regular business account to connect with existing customers.