7 Signs You Need a New Education Crm System for Your Admissions

by Nikhil Sutar | Jun 16, 2022 | ExtraaEdge’s Blog

We live in a world that is digitally superior and moves at a supersonic speed. What looked like a high-edge technology ten years ago has become a household requirement today.
Post Covid-19 pandemic era is going to be a big moment for all of us. It will be the age of a “new normal” where many sectors, including education, social life, business, and so many will be revamped and accelerate changes. As you can see, digital acquisition and enrolment goes mainstream in a hurry and is expecting to be the future. This is a time for all of us to think about whether we are ready for the upcoming changes, especially in the online culture.  

In this article, we are going to discuss the changes that happened in online acquisition in marketing admissions and higher education in B-Schools, which suggest the need for a new CRM for education to take it to the next level. We will also touch upon the future methods and education CRM trends that one should adopt to combat this online revolution. 

Read further to know if your admissions team needs a new age CRM for your education Institute. 

Changes in online acquisition and its impacts – Is your Education CRM competitive enough?

Technology is rapidly growing every minute. The growth made its crucial impact on every sector. For every business, the customer is the center, regardless of age and size. Acquiring and maintaining the relationship between prospects is something the education institutes seriously need to take care of. Being able to attract the prospects systematically and convert them to students to keep your admissions healthy and stable in the industry is the need of the hour the 

However, it is important to realize that nothing is constant in the online world. Everything changes with time, and so the online acquisition. People began to look for those who are advanced in terms of technology, function, and productivity. The awareness of a brand or a site heavily depends on the way they communicate with the customers. This suggests the need to adopt a new higher education CRM system, which makes the whole process very easy and professional.


The importance of CRM in education sector

Every organization or a 
university spends a lot of time replying to emails, queries, and notification, and it is a tiresome task. It is here the relevance of educational CRM comes. An Education CRM not only makes your task easy but makes sure it is up to date and efficient. It is crucial for many other reasons:

  • Generates a special bond with the existing customer.
  • The strong connection with the customers generates a sense of loyalty among them, which not only maintains them but also makes the existing customers recommend your organization.
  • Automatically shortlist candidates for quality admissions.

How can I know It is time for a CRM?

The application of the CRM system can make a big leap in the procedures and growth even if it is business or education, no doubt in that. But how do you know that it is the time to switch to higher technologies and education CRM systems?
Well, certain signs suggest you upgrade your system to attract more customers and maintain a good relationship with them.


The following are the seven signs that tell you the need to take your business to the next level.

  • Inability to sustain the lead flow


If you are in a good business and are struggling to maintain the same, then you need one of the best crm for higher education. Failing to keep up with the new business changes reduces the functionality, which eventually causes loss of prospects and revenue. For the growth of a business, it is necessary to upgrade themselves with the progress and output; otherwise, you will be washed away in the large cut-throat competition in the industry. 

Always make sure that you are either going with the time or ahead of the time. CRM helps you to move ahead of the time, and implementing the education CRM system implies faster working., It includes quick sorting and prioritization of the leads so that the team can work efficiently and promptly. They can set followup reminder for their tasks a day before or after they have that first communication with the prospect.


  • Lack of visibility or scalability in your current Education CRM software

lack of visibility

For any businesses or any sectors, it is crucial to have full access to information that will let you track, organize, and plan informed decisions at every phase of the journey. But collecting or acquiring data manually is not so fast, resulting in a lack of visibility. 

If you are experiencing bad visibility in your prospect management and admission, you might need a CRM system for your education institute. CRM improves visibility by generating tons of information and visualization available to your admission team. The more compatible and efficient the CRM system is, the more you can automate the data collection and analysis.


  • Require deployment possibilities and methods of remote access

remote access education crm

As your company or organization grows with time, it demands more flexibility in terms of technology to acquire new heights. If your business or its functions demands more technological support to outsmart the competitors, it’s time you need to adapt CRM into your business. 

CRM not only increases the efficiency and service speed but also lets you increase the number of users, make changes in the functions without affecting productivity, and provide remote access. So, if you want to access any of the prospect information or update it anywhere at any time, you are on.


  • If you are experiencing data loss

Data Loss

What to do when you experience a data loss. The loss or misplacement of data can have immediate impacts on your admissions, especially if the functions are supposed to be confidential. This can break the trust of the customer who will walk away from your organization and your site. 

An Education CRM system can reduce this risk as all the data is stored and secured in a single database without any access to the sensitive information other than the dignified authority. The better security you can offer to the prospects, the more you receive positive outcomes.


  • Is it too slow for you to find information?

slow data load

Imagine a situation – you have to meet an important deadline, but you aren’t able to find the required information. When the data is in printed form, just like storing it, finding the right one at the right moment is too hard. Yes, it is a con. 

CRM for education is the solution for this as well. The organized database and the documents are stored in a coherent and consolidated form so that it is easy for you to find them in a second. The easy-to-access location eliminates the desperate search for information.


  • Poor or lack of support/not user-friendly

support not found

Another worrying element that can break your admissions and services is when you don’t receive sufficient support from the CRM provider or even from the employees. First of all, you need to understand that education CRM system support gives hands-on, interactive training support to your functions. Your employees need in-depth training in the CRM system as well. 

If anything goes wrong in the functions, even in admission, it is quite easy to customize and integrate your CRM with new lead channels. Thus, an admission CRM system makes sure you are getting enough customer support, which will eventually improve the general productivity.


  • When you are unsure about the growth potential

decline in growth

Are you worried about how your business will handle the potential rush of inquiries for admissions? Do you lack complete confidence in the scalability of the CRM and its growth? Then, it’s time to research for an efficient and innovative CRM system for your educational organization. 

A suitable CRM system can fit your business needs and grow with your business, without making any compromises on the functionality. A worthy CRM is extendable enough to subdue all the admission challenges as your institute evolves.



What are the New Trends of Education CRM in 2021?

Do you want to know, what are the new directions the CRM system is heading to? Knowing that can help you plan the services for the future and remain in the top list in the competition. 

Being a competitive space, Education CRM is constantly changing, and the trends of 2021 make it worth pursuing. From organized research and the insights, we concluded that the following are the latest trends that are covering CRM in 2021:

  • 2021 is the age of prospect experience and make sure you serve the experience as superior.
  • The importance and the role of AI which renders nearly endless possibilities when it comes to CRM.
  • Automation is one of the biggest capacities that can take over time-consuming and tedious manual tasks and can replace humans in the next 20 years.
  • Mobility in the CRM and ensuring that it possesses intuitive interfaces, strong security measures, apps that support across platforms, and the ability to perform between online and offline environments.
  • More user-friendly and has the ability to move across the market movement.



In the face of 2021, where people are moving towards the digital version for everything, building good prospect relationships should be your number one priority. This is where an education CRM can assist you, which not only is a place to store all your leads, but also to help you automate communication & make data-driven marketing & admission decisions.