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Integrate your lead channels


Never miss a prospective lead ever!

Ensure that your entire prospect data is available on a single platform with over 30+ integrations, allowing you to ditch your multiple confusing browser tabs (yes, we hate them!) or Google sheets.

✔ IVR Integration
Form Integration
✔ Publisher Integration
✔ Ad Channels Integration

Integration of leads in CRM
communicate with prospects

Engage with prospects instantly


Engage your prospects like a commendable brand !

Communication becomes easy as our admission CRM software helps you to call, SMS, chat, WhatsApp & video call your prospect from the system itself. Every communication known to man is up for your disposal.

✔ Marketing Automation (Student Journey Mapping)
Inbuilt Click to Call
 WhatsApp & SMS Communication
✔ Inbuilt Video Call App

Use machine learning to predict admissions


Take admission intelligence to the next level!

With a clear conversion score, our Machine Learning (ML) based algorithms help you in distinguishing between cold and hot prospects. Our admission CRM calculates the score automatically based on the prospect’s behaviour during various admission touchpoints.

✔ Prioritize prospects who are most likely to convert
Prospect Sentiment Analysis Dashboard
✔ Take the recommended next steps, i.e., email, SMS, and WhatsApp.
✔ Notifications to prioritise recommended actions

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A man analyzing reports in Admission CRM

Measure your efforts with 50+ insightful admission reports


Start taking decisions, stop reading charts !

The inbuilt analytical dashboard helps you measure your overall admission efforts in terms of different parameters. You can get over 150 reports within the admission CRM, such as counsellor performance reports, call reports, lead channel reports and many more.

A single-view dashboard
Team performance dashboard
✔ Marketing channel performance
Publisher panel

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Testimonial Manchester Metropolitan

When it comes to reaching out to students, ExtraaEdge saves a lot of our efforts. All the reports and analytics were readily available. We went ahead with ExtraaEdge because of their awesome support team which handled our complex requirements quite easily.

Prachi Hajela

Manager India and South Asia, Manchester Metropolitan University
PP Savani Testimonial

ExtraaEdge helped us bridge the gap between the offline and online world. Today I can definitely say that PP Savani is an automated university. A result of the ExtraaEdge was seen with the full digital transformation of our entire admission process. We today don’t just love the product but highly recommend ExtraaEdge CRM to all universities, looking for digitization of their admission process.

Sneh Savani

Director, PP Savani University
BITS Pilani Testomonial

“An extremely competent staff, excellent support and fantastic turnaround time. Not only were we happy with the product, but we also loved the customer support they received. The team, especially Ruch, who helped with the implementation end-to-end, was always available wherever we had any doubts, queries or issues with the product. What’s more, our issues were resolved quickly!”

Nahid Afshan

Head of Marketing, BITS Pilani Dubai

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Admission CRM

New admission process needs a new age admission CRM software

Join 300+ Admission leaders who use our CRM to manage, predict & increase their admissions.


What is an Admission CRM?

Admission CRM software is an ultimate solution for educational institutes to increase their conversions by simply digitizing the admission framework. It helps in the integration of all marketing channels as well as the management of a student’s entire admission journey from enquiry to enrollment.

Handling the entire admissions process manually might be a difficult task for educational institutions. Processes like inquiries, applications, and enrolment require managing huge volumes of data. As a result, many educational institutions are leaving the manual data processing method and opting for an Admission CRM to provide personalized experiences to potential students so that they have a flawless experience through the recruitment, application, and enrollment process.

Admission CRM provides a seamless experience for both the administrative team and prospective students, with capabilities such as email marketing automation, SMS, WhatsApp & call functionality, lead nurturing & marketing and admission reports. It helps your admissions counsellors be more efficient and meet their admissions goals while also offering ROI-driven insights. Choosing the finest CRM software comes down to the functionality you need to achieve your specific objectives. These features, on the other hand, are a requirement if you want to get the most out of your investment.

What are the benefits of a CRM in admission process?

CRM for admissions is a great approach to providing each student with a unique and customized experience based on their preferences. It makes counsellors’ lives easier by allowing them to follow each prospective student’s progress, automate nurturing campaigns, as well as provide admission insights. The following are some of the other advantages of adopting admission CRM software:

  • It has a higher return on investment since the CRM saves time, money, and labour.
  • It enables the administration to make well-informed decisions by delivering highly customisable reports on the performance of campaigns, teams, and publishers.
  • It allows you to create competitive marketing strategies by providing crucial insights into student requirements.
  • The automation of the admission process allows teams to create personalized campaigns based on different parameters like demography, location, lead score, etc.
  • Admission CRM helps you monitor and capture the entire student journey from the time they first interact with your institute to the time they enrol. This ensures that an effective and efficient admission process is in place for them.

What are the features of ExtraaEdge Admission CRM?

Our Admission CRM is highly customizable and can meet all your present and future requirements. A few of our major features are:

  • It integrates all lead generation platforms and services, such as IVR and cloud telephony, and also publishers like Shiksha and Collegedekho, as well as website forms and ad channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google, into a single and cohesive solution. CRM integration enables one central hub for email marketing, student support, and the process of approaching students through call or video call to persuade them to enroll.
  • It allows users to create reminders that sync with their calendar and set up tasks or assign them to their team members. It can preserve notes, emails, call logs, contact information, and engagement history so that anyone with access can see the whole lead history. CRM can be used by team members from any device (mobile, laptop, tablet) and from any location (career fair, campus drive, etc.).
  • It offers workflow automation that not only automates repetitive processes by setting if-then rules but also creates leads automatically from application form submissions and triggers actions based on contact changes. With manual work left to tech, counsellors can save time, be more productive, drive more admissions, and streamline the entire admissions process.
  • With integration in place, the admission CRM can additionally communicate with prospects through various channels. It will help you nurture the leads with in-built systems such as calls, emails, videos, SMS, and social media.
  • It can generate customised reports based on a variety of criteria, like funnel stage, geography, lead engagement score, and so on. Customized reporting allows the higher education institution to assess the overall performance of the admissions process and make modifications as needed.

How is a CRM different from ERP in the student journey?

People frequently mix up Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). They may appear to be similar, but their functions are quite different. CRM is in charge of the entire admissions process, from inquiry to final enrollment, while, ERP comes into the picture after the student has enrolled. A few of the key differences are:

  • An admission CRM takes care of the integration of the leads and automation of the marketing communication, whereas, an ERP focuses on the organisation’s internal processes and management.
  • The CRM focuses on nurturing the prospects by tracking all the interactions, while the ERP focuses on the improvement of back-office functionalities.
  • An admission CRM helps in boosting the overall revenue by increasing the number of admissions, whilst the ERP aims to lower overheads and cut costs through automation.
  • Lastly, a CRM is primarily used by the admission team, but an ERP is primarily utilised by management or decision-makers.

To wrap up, an Admission CRM and ERP in an educational institute simply complement each other.


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