Top 3 Reports every Admissions Team should Track

by Niti Ratnaparkhi | Jun 13, 2022 | ExtraEdge Blog

As someone involved directly or indirectly in the admission process of your institute, enrollment of students is your top priority. The more the better!

But have you heard the phrase ‘You cannot improve what you cannot measure’? It is important to give more attention to your admission goals. But by just prioritising meeting your targets you are only doing half the job. In your race to achieve your targets, you are not looking at the big picture. You are forgetting about a big aspect of your admissions strategy: reporting.

It is important to focus on your admission goals but it’s equally important to know how well your admission strategies are working. To know the effectiveness of your strategies, reporting plays a major role since it gives you deeper insights into your different teams, lead sources, and leads.


Note: We have created a robust list of admission reports, which you can check out in our ebook – Top 10 reports every admission team should track!


Why does your Admissions Team need Reports?


Apart from the above-mentioned importance of reports, the ability to create easily consumable and insightful reports has become critical for all organizations. Timely data generation and reporting enhance the ability to make more informed, evidence-based decisions.

With reports you can:

  • Be aware of what’s happening in your admission process
  • Do effective resource management
  • Keep your management up to speed
  • Make data-driven decisions

A good set of reports can help you deliver an effective admission strategy that has a significant impact on your institute. This will also fundamentally change the way your team performs its jobs and how decisions are made.


Crucial data every Admission Team should Monitor




Through surveys and in-depth analysis of our 250+ customers admission processes, we have figured out the top reports every institution should keep track of. We have collated these reports you and your team should keep a tab on, every week to make effective data-driven decisions.

Essentially, any reports you generate, they should be able to answer the following questions:

At what stage in the funnel is your lead?




It’s vital that you have an eye on where your leads currently stand in the funnel. By generating a report for this, you understand how the leads are flowing in your admission process. These reports will help you answer the questions like:

  • How many leads have entered my funnel?
  • Which stage in the admissions process takes the longest time?
  • What leads should I focus more on?
  • How many leads have been enrolled and how many are still open?

How are my lead sources performing?




Understanding the performance of your sources is crucial to decide where you should be putting more money in. You get a better picture of what source/s are working the best for you. These reports give you the answer to the questions:

  • What source is giving me the maximum leads?
  • What source is giving me good-quality leads?
  • What lead source should I invest more in?
  • What is the ROI of my sources?

Is my team performing well?




Your team performance makes or breaks your admission rates. These reports help you ensure that your team works like a well-oiled machine! Through these reports, you get a clear picture of how your admission team is performing and pushing for reaching their admission goals. This report brings to light:

  • Which counsellor has the highest leads under their belt?
  • Who has the highest enrollment rate?
  • Who is the top-performing counsellor?





There are many more reports you can generate to make effective data-driven decisions. It becomes an uphill battle for your team when they have to create these reports manually using an Excel sheet.

This is where an education CRM comes in handy. A good CRM can help you create multiple reports with just one click. You get a 360° view of your entire admission process and you don’t go through the tedious process of managing and collating data from multiple sheets.

In the end, for making effective data-driven decisions, you don’t need a lot of reports, you need reports that leave you with valuable insights. If you want a more robust list of Reports, check out our ebook – Top 10 Reports every admission team should track!