CRM designed specifically for the Higher Education Segment

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Automate your application forms to increase your conversion rates

Let go of the old-fashioned, time-consuming, manual and complicated admissions process. Instead, switch to our three-step online Application Management System that will help you automate your candidate management, improve conversions, and boost engagement. It will enable you to develop custom application forms, GD/PI workflows, and payment collection.

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Manage leads in one place by seamlessly integrating all your lead channels

Tracking and assigning leads from various lead sources will no longer be a headache. Get all your leads from your different lead channels and third-party publishers in one spot. Use our auto assigner to assign generated leads to admissions teams based on courses, region, and sources – decreasing the time between inquiry and response.

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Increase engagement & admission rates using automated communication using rule engines

In the admissions process, manual communication with students is always time-consuming and results in low productivity. Automate your whole communication across the admission cycle and prospect experience using our rule engine. Create workflows using email, SMS, video, chat, and bots, that get triggered by events such as opens, clicks, or no response. It’s a fantastic way to automate your brand communication and save time and money!

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Increase productivity during remote work using our mobile CRM features

Working remotely can be challenging; you may lose sight of who is doing what, and your counselors may struggle to adjust to working from home. Now you can easily manage distant work with our mobile-enabled CRM. While travelling or working from home, your team will get the same experience as our Web CRM on their mobile. It not only makes outbound calls easier, but it also allows you instant access to lead data, recordings, chat, and reports. This is a game-changer for your counselors, and it will boost your team’s overall productivity.

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Conduct personalized walk-ins with video counseling to convert better

Relying solely on offline walk-ins is not the best option in the long run. But, at the same time, online options like Zoom or Google Meet have not shown to be a good fit for student and parent counselling. We’ve replaced your offline walk-ins with customized online web based walk-ins with our in-built video counselling function as a solution to empower the admissions team with an easy-to-use feature. It enables you to have 1:1 discussions with kids in which you may chat, exchange videos, fill out forms, and gather admissions documents, increasing your chances of converting the student during the admissions process.

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Take real-time decisions by analyzing 50+ insightful reports to optimize your admissions effort

Making data-driven decisions and further optimising admission procedures becomes extremely difficult without actionable and insightful reports. To assist you to make ROI-driven decisions, we provide you with tailored reports that provide deeper insight into your conversions related to admissions, counsellors, digital advertising, and channel success, among other things.

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Why Institutes use ExtraaEdge?

Mobile Friendly

Do what a web CRM does with our mobile-friendly CRM app. Auto capture leads through incoming calls.

Customizable CRM

Customize CRM according to your convenience and admission process to increase productivity of your team.

More Integrations

Integration with over 20+ publishers & marketing channels such as Shiksha, CollegeDunia, CollegeDekho & many more.

ExtraaEdge Stood out because the product is for the education sector. flexible & customizable that met all of our admission process requirements. An extremely competent staff, Excellent support and fantastic turnaround time is what makes ExtraaEdge unique

Nahid Afshan - Head of Marketing, BITS Pilani, Dubai

ExtraaEdge is the ultimate link & bridge that connects universities with the admission automation world. Would highly recommend it to new age Universities who are looking for powerful CRM & Marketing Automation software combined with delightful & excellent customer success. The product’s core is its simplicity which helps for super fast adoption amongst the admission teams.

Sneh Savani - Director, P P Savani University

When it comes to reaching out to students, ExtraaEdge CRM saves a lot of our efforts. All the analytics & reports were readily available. We went ahead with ExtraaEdge because of their awesome support team who handled our complex requirements quite easily.

Prachi Hajela - Manager India & South Asia, Manchester Metropolitan University

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A CRM for higher education assists the admission team to increase the overall conversion rate and quality of admissions. The CRM software integrates, manages and nurtures the leads within a single platform. It solves the major challenges faced by the higher education admission team, i.e., managing enquiries and events, nurturing communication, reporting and analytics, and integration with other key platforms such as the institute’s website, LMS, ERP etc. 


Managing the pool of leads and organising them is not an easy task. You need a solid tech-savvy system like a CRM for higher education. It seamlessly integrates leads from multiple channels to the CRM and auto-assigns the leads to the admissions team. 


When it comes to higher education everyone has almost the same platter of credentials to offer, but what influences the student’s decision is the frequency and competency of communication. A higher education CRM can help you in prospect nurturing by providing multiple communication channels such as calls, bulk SMS, emails, video calls, and WhatsApp. Automating the communication and regular follow-ups results in early closures and maintaining counselors efficiency.  


Higher education institutes have large admission teams. So here, keeping the track of everyone’s performance, and lead conversion rates is a tedious task. Here, the CRM can be a boon as it provides customised reports that provide insight into the conversions related to admissions, counselors, digital advertising, and channel success. These reports will in turn help in making ROI-driven decisions.

So basically, if you have a higher education CRM, you are ultimately freeing yourself from all the admissions chaos.  

A CRM for higher education can definitely help you increase your conversion rates as these days, students want regular, relevant and insightful communications while university staff want a streamlined way of reaching out to students without the burden of extra administration. A good CRM serves the purpose for both parties by automating personalised communication via various channels such as calls, SMS, emails, video calls, and WhatsApp. Regular follow-ups can be done through rule engines so the prospects will always have your institute on their mind. 


Several other features that make the admission process efficient and increase the lead conversion rate are mentioned below: 


  • Integration of multiple lead generation channels: it becomes much easier to track and assign leads to team members based on centres, courses, and lead channels. Also, lead leakage is minimised, resulting in increased productivity and response time.



  • Lead verification: verification of leads through OTP helps to filter out irrelevant leads. This will save the counselors’ time, so they can significantly focus on the relevant leads.


  • Automated communication: you can automate your entire communication across the admission cycle, which improves the prospect experience. 


  • Tracking lead status: CRM tracks the lead status and lets the counselors know about the prospect’s willingness so they can plan the next meeting and follow-up calls accordingly. In turn, this prevents the leads from being distracted. 
  • Automated communication: you can automate your entire communication across the admission cycle, which improves the prospect experience. 


  • Tracking lead status: CRM tracks the lead status and lets the counselors know about the prospect’s willingness so they can plan the next meeting and follow-up calls accordingly. In turn, this prevents the leads from being distracted. 


Yes, absolutely, a CRM for higher education definitely supports multiple integrations. The software has a strong interface that supports multiple third-party integrations with utmost efficiency. 


Various third-party vendors such as IVR for calling, Zapier for automation, and bulk SMS can be integrated into customer relationship management software. Also, the payment gateway can be integrated into the software to make the enrollment process easy and speedy.  


Along with the integration of third-party vendors, you can also integrate ERP to make the whole process much easier for you. By integrating your ERP with the management software, you can keep tabs on the various post-admission procedures of the already enrolled students. Every system or application that is involved in the admission process can be integrated so that the CRM will be the only working system for you. 

A CRM for higher education can provide you with multiple additional benefits that sometimes go unnoticed. A few of these are mentioned below: 


  • Very personalised communication: students love when they feel important, and CRM can help here by personalising your communication by segmenting data to, target messages accordingly. 
  • Improving student journey: CRM can improve the overall student journey by being available to solve their queries at all times. 
  • Managing events: Managing vast events can be tedious. CRM can help in centralising activities across various departments thereby organising the process. 
  • Helps in alumni relation-building: some communication sent at the key times of the year will provide a sense of belongingness to the alumni and it may help in word of mouth.