Predictive Lead Score – Data Intelligent Decision

by Shahid Khan | Jun 16, 2022 | ExtraaEdge’s Blog

Information is a crucial element in making a decision, and a good sense of data keeps you well informed.

This blog talks about ExtraaEdge’s latest offering
 Predictive Lead Score’ and Recommended Action’ for our CRM product. It also highlights the pain-point of prioritization and segregation of leads, and how our latest offering saves the day. Continue reading to know more about the co-existence of humans and machines, Dr. Strange, and yes, the Time Stone!

Setting the Stage

Here at ExtraaEdge, our customers leverage our hand-tailored CRM, especially designed for educational marketing automation. A counselor has different data points regarding a single lead and if he is an experienced salesperson, he will have a good sense of data, and will make a well-informed decision on what to do next. A human mind is a great pattern-matcher and it quickly adapts to the change in lead’s behavior/emotion, and for this very reason, technology is still struggling to replace customer care with a completely automated solution.


The number of counselors is limited as compared to the ever-growing number of students, and this creates ‘the bottleneck’. It is not always feasible to keep increasing the number of counselors to cater to the demand. Instead, you automate a few steps – greetings, updates, follow-ups, drip-marketing, campaigns, and payments. We’ve taken care of all these automations and freed the counselors to give quality focus on student data points, and make irreplaceable human interaction.

Even though our CRM automates most of the steps for the counselors, they’re still dealing with a plethora of leads to call, giving equal importance to each of them, and making sense of the data points for all the leads. Remember, a human mind is a great pattern-matcher? Unfortunately, it isn’t very good at scaling that capability. This leads to poor recall and an ill-informed decision, hampering the quality of the call with the lead and its conversion.

The best strategy of life is co-existence, just like we humans must co-exist with nature. A counselor’s ability to understand the data may co-exist with the machine’s ability to learn from data. Yes, it was necessary to set the stage before unrolling the main act.

Main Act – Predictive Lead Score


Predictive Lead Score – it is the beginning of the new era in the education CRM world. We at ExtraaEdge diligently studied all the data points associated with a student. Then, similar to a human’s ability of pattern-matching, we’ve leveraged a state-of-the-art data science approach to learn from data and Voila! Now, we can make accurate predictions for all the lead’s conversion. We’ve named it ‘Predictive Lead Score’ and it gives the probability of a lead to get converted, which eventually takes care of the ‘sensing the data’ part for the counselor. Now, the counselor need not make sense of the data each time he goes through the same lead. This co-existence of humans and machines has been proven to be the most efficient solution across domains.


Along with the accurate probability of a lead, we’ve also solved the problem of prioritization and segregation of leads across counselors. In the current scenario, counselors work on each lead with equal significance and with the same strategy. Now they can prioritize the leads to set the motion, and segregate them among themselves, to work on each set of leads with different strategies. Our customers may also distribute the work among counselors based on a range of scores, their experience, and merit.

We respect our customers’ usage flow, and hence our new feature is completely non-intrusive, yet intuitive. The mere score gives the health of the lead and a click uncovers the hidden aspects related to it. 

Here’s how the counselor will get to see the probability score:



And here’s how the click will uncover the hidden aspect of the lead:

At a single glance, a counselor can understand the different factors which contributed towards the health of the lead. The factors are the meaningful aggregation of different data points associated with the lead’s journey from the very beginning. The counselor also gets to understand the trend of the lead’s health over a period of time. And, finally thanks to the advancement in Natural Language Processing, we provide the sentiment of the counselor’s remarks added for a lead. This directly gives away the degree of communication between a counselor and a lead.

Final Act – Recommended Action

Okay, so you did see something called ‘Recommended Action’ on the pop-up. Do you remember how a well-informed counselor knows the next best action? To repeat, he struggles to do this at scale. Our recommender is the answer to the ‘next best action’ part of the counselor’s job when he’s overwhelmed by the sheer number of leads to work on.


Recommended Action’ to the Predictive Lead Score is what Dr. Strange is to Avenger. Using the Time Stone, he knows the next best action to perform, which can save us all. Similarly, we use Machine Learning on all the successful leads, understanding their journeys which led them to conversions. Using the knowledge of all these successful permutations and combinations, we suggest the next best action for your lead in progress.


We can’t stress this enough, the recommendation is non-intrusive to the workflow of the counselor, yet very discoverable and trackable for each lead. We don’t just suggest the next best action, but also include the time factor in which that action should be taken. Alright, we confess that we do have the Time Stone (sshhh…), let’s just keep this between us.




Artificial Intelligence doesn’t necessarily mean that it will replace the human mind. It is just an efficient supply tool to keep-up with the ever-growing demand. We, at ExtraaEdge, strive to innovate, build, and re-build, the best and precise tools for our customers and their specific needs. We are fortunate to have customers who are open to advanced technology and embrace the field of AI.


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