5 Reasons Why You Need To Move To An Education CRM Software over Spreadsheets

by Neelotpal Gadre | Jun 16, 2022 | ExtraEdge Blog

Many educational institutions and their admission teams still prefer to use Google or Excel Sheets to conduct their admission & marketing activities. Excel or Google Sheets is still a go-to tool for many because of its many features for managing data. Many prefer Excel simply because it’s:

  • Easy to use
  • Free of cost
  • Easy to get started
  • Single data storage

At first, spreadsheets may seem like a viable option to perform the task when working on minimal data & there’s not much activity to be done. But Excel sheets can become too cumbersome and time-consuming to manage when accessing large amounts of data & different activities. Spreadsheets will definitely save you money if your processes aren’t that complex, but in the long run, you will end up compromising on efficiencies & end results.

What you need is a better custom solution. These shortcomings can be overcome by an automated education CRM software. Many education institutes are already leveraging its power to the fullest during this pandemic.

Although Excel is the world’s greatest tool for data management, it falls short in core areas especially when it comes to education marketing. Excel sheets have many shortcomings like:

  • You cannot integrate the leads in the sheet generated by different marketing channels (Google Ads, FB Ads, etc)
  • The admission & marketing tasks are with no automation
  • You don’t have an online application workflow
  • Lack of detailed control and security
  • Unfit for a fast-growing education institute

As the institute grows you will need a more efficient admission automation tool that can manage data efficiently and help you prioritize it on various parameters. Most of the prestigious education institutes are replacing the spreadsheet with a more advanced education CRM software solution due to these reasons.


5 Reasons Why Fast-Growing Educational Institutes Are Shifting to an Education CRM Software


To Improve efficiency via an all in one admissions software


An education CRM software may seem exorbitant to you initially but it is a great long term investment for institutes of all sizes. In an education institute, the counsellor needs to communicate with a large number of prospects. If they rely on the traditional method such as spreadsheets then it will decrease their efficiency and will consume more time.

But with the help of a CRM, they can communicate with all their prospects on time which results in an increase in productive calls. Prompt communication with prospects leads to increased enrolments which in turn increases the overall conversion rate of the institute.


For a Tailormade & Customised Solution


Excel sheets are great but they have a one-size-fits-all approach. To tackle this, many industries have come up with their own custom solutions specially designed for their work. After all, the need for tools changes with the business model.

Accountants have Tally & Quickbooks, medical doctors have Practo, the wellness industry has Zenoti, and the retail industry has Capillary. So why should the education marketing industry be left behind? Why not a focused & tailor-made CRM software for the education industry?

Spreadsheets have limitations beyond which you can’t customize the tool according to your business model. But you can do that with a dedicated education CRM software! You can have a customized platform according to your institute’s needs. Filtering out features that you don’t need helps to cut down your operation and marketing costs, which could be utilized elsewhere.


For a Single Source of Lead Repository Across All Marketing Channels


One of the biggest challenges of using a spreadsheet for your admissions process is that you have to manually add all your leads from the different lead sources & channels. However, with an education CRM software, you can easily integrate your multiple lead channels in the system through APIs which store all your leads.

For example, if a visitor responds to your Facebook ads, Email ad campaign or on your institute’s website the API integration makes sure that the leads get directly stored in the CRM. An education CRM helps you manage your Marketing and Sales campaign from one single centralized system.


To Set Admission Marketing On Autopilot


Spreadsheets are futile when it comes to automating tasks. An education CRM is miles ahead! When using a spreadsheet, you have to go through the arduous task of manually updating the sheet whenever there is a change in the admission status. But with an education CRM software, you can automate these tasks which simplify your work.

In the education industry, most of the leads come from the institute’s website or 3rd party vendors. When a lead fills the form you get a notification with all the details. Later you fill this data in spreadsheets manually, but in an education CRM software, the details of the leads automatically get added into the system as soon as the prospects click on the submit button. There is no need to fill in data manually! All the data directly gets filled in from your website or publishers to the education CRM.


To Make Data-Driven Decisions


Every successful education institute needs to analyze its admissions & marketing ROI. With tools like the Pivot table, Bar graphs, Pie charts etc, spreadsheets still have a place in prediction and data analytics. But Excel has its limitations.

A spreadsheet can’t help you analyze huge amounts of data very accurately. Moreover using tools like predictive modelling, big data analysis & understanding channel optimizations is a specialized activity. For a complex report like this, you will need to juggle too many spreadsheets in one go. Whereas, an education CRM software lets you create a variety of reports on demand. Also, when it comes to data-generating CRM is way better than spreadsheets.




Spreadsheets, hands down, is a great tool for data work, especially if you are an education institute working on simple, small amounts of data. But it doesn’t hold a candle to an education CRM software.

If you are looking for a solution that helps in simplifying your work exponentially, reducing the time spent on every task, increasing your efficiency and reaching your admission goals faster, you need to move on from an Excel spreadsheet.

You need a single platform that will help you make your work less complicated by performing complex tasks for you. With an education CRM taking over all your manual and difficult tasks, you and your team can focus more on more important and productive tasks like student nurturing.