Top 7 Advantages Of Mobile CRM In Education

by Nikhil Sutar | Jun 13, 2022 | ExtraaEdge’s Blog

With the global mobile CRM market expected to grow 11% to $15 billion in 2021, there has been a fundamental shift in the way businesses in different fields operate today. Recent Forester research has shown that over 50% of teams have seen an improvement in their productivity by using mobile CRM.

Similar to any other industry, mobile CRM can be a great tool to bring several advantages and a boost in productivity for higher education institutions as well. Universities today need to adopt a robust mobile-first approach to capture students’ attention and ensure that everything they need to know is accessible in just a few taps.

In this blog, we are going to explore the concept of mobile CRM in more detail, along with its benefits in the field of education.

What Is a Mobile CRM?



crm mobile


Mobile CRM is a CRM tool that is specifically designed for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It allows your admission and marketing teams to access real-time student data through a robust app. One of the key advantages of using a mobile CRM for education is easy updates and synchronization of the information on the move so that the counsellors carrying a smartphone or tablet can –

  • Dial into student meetings with click-to-call
  • Plan their day with calendar integration
  • Open/share files and access the dashboard
  • Add, edit, update lead status 
  • Access analytical reports across lead channels


The Importance Of CRM In The Education industry

Every institute, college, and university today needs a robust lead management software to manage the massive amount of data that includes student data, partner data, franchisor data, and so on. One of the most effective tools that the educational institutes can use to manage the relationship and interaction between the students and the organization is a CRM.
Implementing a CRM for education management can help educational institutes gain a distinct edge in the highly competitive higher education space.

Some of the most common gains from a CRM can be –

Track Potential Students

With CRM systems having integrated tracking tool capabilities, you can easily track leads through engagement programs such as email, print, and invitations to events and evaluate their feasibility.

Manage Admissions

CRM for the education industry allows you to manage the complete student admissions lifecycle from one single platform.

Seamless integration with your SIS

University admissions teams are generally not too tech-savvy to pass information between the SIS and CRM. Choosing a powerful higher education CRM system solves the issue and seamlessly integrates with other systems such as ERP, google, FB and IVR so that the day-to-day work of the admissions officer is not interrupted.

MIS Reports

Allows you to generate real-time reports such as counsellor performance reports, published reports, Ad channel reports, and lead to walk-in reports for better visibility into the operations

Benefits Of Mobile CRM In Education

For the education industry, in particular, mobile CRM platforms can do a lot more things. Some of these are listed below-

1. One-Click Calls To Leads



One click call

Using powerful mobile CRM software, your counselors can make more calls in much less time and accurately report activity in their CRM. All they need to do is click any phone number in the CRM to make a call without leaving the CRM window and wasting time punching in numbers manually.

2. Improved Productivity



Increased productivity

A mobile CRM allows your admission and marketing team to access critical information in real-time. Regardless of their location, mobile CRM allows them to stay connected all the time, view detailed student interaction history, access account information, send deadline emails & SMS, log all the activities, and much more. 

3. Notification Alerts About Meetings On Mobile

With mobile CRM, the admission representatives can get instant notification alerts about their upcoming meetings on their mobile phones and can view their entire calendar for the day. This helps them in their day-to-day tasks with an organized schedule, eliminating the need for cumbersome typed-up documents or sticky notes.

In addition to this, mobile CRM offers real-time visibility, allowing supervisors and coworkers to check the team’s availability and plan accordingly. This can be a great way to ensure that counsellors do not miss any leads by reaching out to students on time and moving them further in the funnel.  

4. Better Communication & Insight

Apart from benefitting the sales reps on the field, mobile CRM is also beneficial for the sales managers back at the office who constantly need to stay updated. 

It gives them easy and on-demand access to everything that is happening on the field with their team. These insights can include the number of meetings that have been done in a day. This, in turn, offers them better insights and allows for the solving of potential problems proactively.

5. Capture Missed Calls & SMS Leads Automatically 

Capture leads in mobile

A robust mobile CRM automatically captures all missed call leads in the app, saving a tremendous amount of time with data entry, while also reducing the risk of data error. This kind of automatic call and SMS capturing makes the process smooth and only requires the salesperson to sync a backlog and improve their workflow.

6. Easy Upload Of Documents

A robust mobile CRM allows sales reps to send out or upload all the necessary documents. Whether it is college brochures, semester plans, admission fee structures or any other important college doc, they can send it directly from a mobile CRM application via email.

Other than saving time, this also eliminates the need to deliver documents in person or send in an email later and allows salespeople to focus their efforts on other important student service areas.

7. Access To Daily Tasks On Mobile

By using a mobile CRM, a sales representative can easily access all the daily tasks from their mobile phone and also check past communications/records with a prospective student with just a quick look at their smart device.

This kind of updated information and a log of all daily tasks serves as a tool to help them better prepare for the meeting with data about what has been discussed previously, what needs to be discussed, and what should be the next steps in the communication process.



To Conclude

Leveraging a mobile CRM allows your educational institution to be more connected and makes your sales team more effective in managing resources. Offering several benefits, a mobile CRM can help you increase your sales team’s productivity and revenue, instead of needing them to waste time with data entry when they could be out there helping students move a step closer towards enrolment. 

While there are tons of mobile CRM software solutions available in the market, finding the one that best suits your specific needs can be a challenging task.

ExtraaEdge offers a powerful mobile CRM software, specifically built for the education industry, with all the above-mentioned features. An all-in-one solution, the platform allows you to integrate, qualify, communicate & convert your prospects in a seamless fashion.