Increase Conversions and Reduce Drop-offs for Study Abroad

What is this session about?

This webinar is an active discussion on "Increasing conversions and reducing drop-offs for study abroad" between two industry experts. We will be featuring Ameya Gharpure, co-founder of Admit Abroad, one of the leading study abroad institutes, and Abhishek Ballabh, co-founder of ExtraaEdge, the most preferred education CRM brand.

What we will cover?

  • Reevaluate traditional study abroad admissions processes.
  • Popular countries for international study.
  • International mobility shifts due to global changes.
  • Understanding the student journey in study abroad.
  • Challenges faced in the study abroad market.
  • Predicting enrollment and minimising drop-offs
  • Efficiently managing multiple study abroad processes and leads.
  • Adapting technology to scale your business.
  • Admit Abroad's decision to switch to a CRM.
  • Measuring ROI and cost savings
  • Sharing success stories of using technology to grow the business.

Panel Speakers:

Ameya Gharpure - Co-Founder, Admit Abroad

Abhishek Ballabh - Co-Founder, ExtraaEdge

Tanisha Sharma - Marketing Specialist, ExtraaEdge

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