How ExtraaEdge helped Seamedu increase their admissions.

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Loves ExtraaEdge for

  1. Scalable and reliable CRM
  2. 100% automation of their admissions process
  3. Seamless lead prioritization
  4. Predictive Analytics

About Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism

Seamedu is a media school based in Pune, Bangalore, and Mumbai. It was founded in the year 2008 with the goal to provide great talents to the world in the field of Media & Entertainment (M & E), Digital Filmmaking, Animation, Game Design, Visual Effects, Sound Design, Broadcast Media, and Broadcast Journalism.

What were their Challenges?

Difficulty in Managing Bulk Leads

Seamedu received over 15,000 bulk enquiries yearly. The in-use product and the traditional system which they had, was incapable of either storing or processing such a large amount of data. The options of scalability were limited as well.

Lack of Automation of Education Marketing

Due to the lack of storage space, the data had to be downloaded onto excel to access it, making the entire process manual which stalled all marketing automation.

Effective Lead Prioritization

With all leads being worked on manually via excel sheets counselling teams found it very difficult to prioritize the leads, follow-up and achieve conversions effectively. The volume of data & dependency on excel sheets led to delayed responses for critical admissions communications.

What was the solution provided to them?

Scalable & Reliable CRM Platform

ExtraaEdge provided Seamedu with a scalable CRM solution that was able to store & process unlimited leads.

100% Automation

Admissions teams could not only store and access bulk data online but also automate communication in the form of segmented SMS & emails.

Effective Lead Prioritization

Deep behaviour made it easy for admissions teams to prioritize leads by analyzing the past data. This resulted in pursuing students who were more likely to take the admissions in their institute.



    ExtraaEdge has been a game-changer for us. Adopting ExtraaEdge has allowed us to work more efficiently with access to much better information than we ever had before.

    - Seamedu School of Expressionism

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