How ExtraaEdge helped K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences increase their admissions by 3X.

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Loves ExtraaEdge for

  1. Cost-effectiveness
  2. Fast and seamless adoption
  3. Seamless integration with their various social media platforms and publishers
  4. Great customer service

About K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Mumbai, the K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences is known as India’s foremost academic institution in the space of vocational education, K11 gives its students premium vocational training through fitness certification courses in personal training & sports nutrition. They provide: Diploma in Personal Training (DPT), CPT for Special Populations (CPT-SP), Certified Sports Nutritionist (CSN).

What were their Challenges?

Limitations of the Existing System

K-11 was primarily using software called Fitnessforce software, a tool used for gym management. Being the market leader in the industry, they were receiving a high number of enquiries using a number of sources. But it was becoming difficult to manage such a high velocity of responses from every source.

Ineffective Lead Management

Overall they had a smooth admission process but the challenge lay in integrating the enquiries from various online marketing platforms and with IVR systems.

Lack of Integration in Previous System

K11 wanted every lead enquiry on a single platform however the earlier CRM/ERP tool did not have integration capabilities. It was then that they decided to revamp their existing process and this is where ‘ExtraaEdge’ came to the rescue.


What was the solution provided to them?

Seamless Integration with Lead Sources

Our tool is designed to easily integrate with all lead sources: social marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, GoogleAds, other third parties like, Sulekha, Justdial, careers360, IVRs like Knowlarity, Mcube, Ameyo and many others.

Effective Admissions Communication

Our CRM software has several features such as Whatsapp communication, Click to call & call recording which helps the admission counsellor in communicating with the prospects in a better way.

Mobile CRM

The product is compatible with mobile devices which makes it highly effective than other CRM products in the market. Smooth Marketing and Followups

K11 loved the fact that the marketing was so effective and they could connect with the leads when they wanted to. The counsellors could follow up with the leads on time and didn’t miss out on any lead communication because the CRM sent them timely reminders.

Easy Adoption

They transitioned from using a basic Excel sheet to a fitness CRM to ExtraaEdge. They were blown away by how easy the shift was to our software and how seamless it made all of their admission processes.

Satisfactory Customer Service

K11 loved the customer support provided by ExtraaEdge. They were delighted with Deepak who was very cooperative while training and getting them started.

3X Increase in Enquiries

A result of the adoption of ExtraaEdge was seen with an increase in enquiries by 3X than the previous years.


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