Why ExtraaEdge
See why hundreds of institutes depend on ExtraaEdge every day to run their Admissions. With the help of our Admission & Marketing Automation technology  for the education industry we integrate marketing channels seamlessly, qualify leads using behaviour & intent, provide new age communication tools & help measure true admission ROI.
Education Marketing has fundamentally changed due to advent of 21st century student consumer trends, digital marketing, mobile, social & the way institutes think about branding.
Have a marketing budget of more than 40% on Online medium
Have a marketing budget of more than 40% on Online medium
Shifting from conventional offline advertising to digital brand building
Have a strong active presence on Google Search & Facebook
Why the change

The way people used to choose colleges and courses have changed. Students and Parents have new expectations from the institutes. Apart from the word of mouth, people need assurance, they need to verify the information themselves.

This approach has made educational institutes to move their focus on brand building and counselling. Admission teams understand this and want to engage with their prospect students giving them a brand new admission experience. It can be achieved by –

  • Real time presence
  • Social engagement
  • Follow up & guide
  • Right communication at right time
  • Counsel & advice

How has this affected education marketing?

The old method of marketing such as Bulk Mails, SMS, Cold Calls, Excel Sheets, Manual Lead – Assign | Track | Close, Edu Fairs, and Ad-hoc lead capture are time consuming and not so cost effective. This traditional way resulted in lead leakages, spray & pray approach to spent, missing out on potential leads, manual lead qualifications on hunch & heresy and thereby ROI.

We at ExtraaEdge understand these macro & micro admission issues and are building the future technology stack for admissions. With our Admission & Marketing Automation technology you can qualify leads based on their behavioural intent, integrate all leads on a single platform, automate periodic communication using drips, and automate follow-ups. With decision analytics in picture you can reduce your marketing cost and increase ROI exponentially.

Know these 7 future trends of education marketing and how you can put it in action by downloading the below free guide.

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