About Seamedu

Seamedu is a media school based in Pune, Bangalore, and Mumbai. It was founded in the year 2008 with a goal to provide great talents to the world in the field of Media & Entertainment (M & E), Digital Filmmaking, Animation, Game Design, Visual Effects, Sound Design, Broadcast Media, and Broadcast Journalism.

Seamedu’s focus is to bridge the gap between industry and academia by offering industry relevant courses in all major specializations. The courses are taught by industry professionals with vast experience in their respective fields. It is supported by ‘Toolbox Studios‘, a company specializing in Animation & Visual Effects Production; and ‘Rolocule Games’ a young game development company who are knowledge partners to Seamedu.


An urgent need for a scalable CRM system that could handle bulk data as well as provide a one stop solution to complete marketing automation.

Issues managing bulk leads
Seamedu being one of the most reputed media schools in India receives over 15,000 enquiries in a year resulting in a huge amount of data needing assessment on a daily basis with the utmost priority. Their CRM system which was in place at the moment was unable to handle the volume of enquiries.

Need for 360 degree marketing automation
The limited scalability of the system forced the counsellors to download the data on excel sheets and follow through the entire process manually. This put a huge dent into their time, that could have been effectively utilized elsewhere.

Distinguishing between hot and warm leads
The increased volume of data & dependency on excel sheets drastically increased the time to respond to enquiries due to which they were missing out on potential prospects who were more likely to sign up for the programs than the ones they pushed hard on. Critical communication was impacted. Follow-ups grew harder by the day as remarks and lists piled one upon another.

With the challenges growing everyday, Seamedu started to look for a solution which was scalable, smart, user-friendly & had communication engines as one of it’s core pillars.


After considering several options, Seamedu chose ExtraaEdge’s Admissions & Marketing Automation CRM tool to tackle these issues. ExtraaEdge being an education focused tool, added immense value in terms of the ease of setup, implementation and the complete transition itself.

Scalable & Reliable CRM Platform
ExtraaEdge’s scalable automation tool with the in-built integrations was able to instantly connect with various lead generation sources such as website, social media, google ads, justdial etc. Automating critical communications and instant email + SMS responses was taken care in just a few clicks.

100% Automation, Goodbye Excel Sheets!
A scalable and automated system helped the admissions team to store and access bulk data online without the need for excel. Following up with candidates became easy for the admissions team with the help of in built calendar and activity notifications. Setting up drip marketing campaigns, beautiful emails and pre-set SMS’s in the system took a few minutes with automated communication triggered at every step of the inquiry process. Lead leakage eventually dropped to zero.

Prioritizing leads via deep behaviour analysis
Deep behavioural insights like Digital footprint tracking, student’s response to email helped prioritize prospects and assign a lead score to each prospect reducing counsellors time and efforts. This score helped the admissions teams to pursue candidates who were more likely to take admissions as compared to the rest.

Mobility across devices to run admissions
With extensive features on the mobile CRM offered by ExtraaEdge, counsellors could now track all of their leads and activities on their mobile phones on the go. They could send templateized emails or set alerts through mobile.
To further reduce manual work, Seamedu were provided with a chatbot on the website which helped them to acquire leads without being manually present 24×7 on live chat.
After 3 years, the admissions teams at Seamedu don’t just love the product but are a major contributors to the development of the new features and the growth of the product.


How ExtraaEdge can help you increase admissions effectively?

ExtraaEdge is a VC funded software company that helps educational institutes increase their admissions. We have been powering 100+ educational institutes increase their walk-ins & transform their admission counsellors into winning sales professionals.

Our award winning Sales & Marketing Automation Software helps educational institutes to –

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ExtraaEdge’s marketing automation software is specifically designed for educational enterprises making us distinguishable from any other CRM software in the market. We have a proven track record of helping clients predict enrolments and increase admissions. Get in touch with us to schedule a demo today.

Download Seamedu case study from here