How India’s Largest Online Test Prep myPAT increased their lead conversions by 30% using ExtraaEdge


Increase in Counsellor performance


Decrease in Lead Leakage


Increase in online conversions and closures


Decrease in marketing cost

About myPAT

myPAT is India’s Largest Online Learning and Assessment Platform for various schools and competitive exams i.e. IITJEE, NEET. It was handcrafted to offer highly personalized mentorship to every child by leveraging the power of technology. Having understood that every child learns differently, myPAT empowers every student to learn the way they want via the medium of their choice – textual notes, previous year paper revisions and even video lectures.


myPat being the leader in learning assessment received a huge volume of enquiries and registrations through their website, marketing channels, outbound marketing and social media. This resulted in a huge amount of prospect data which only a scalable system could nurture & guide to conversions. Moreover, alignment of multiple teams i.e. tele-calling, outreach, marketing, counselors & management into a single system of truth on admissions was the biggest challenge.


Managing leads & their journey became difficult

All the incoming enquiries that came myPat’s way were being stored on several google sheets with multiple owners, absolute privacy & limited edit/read rights. Without proper automation it was getting difficult for the sales & marketing teams to manage enquiries and allocate it to the right team members for prompt action.


Prompt enquiry nurture & prioritisation

The traditional system of managing leads failed to handle the deluge of enquiries coming their way. Lead qualification, nurturing and opportunity scoring grew impossible.
Prioritizing and managing leads was getting hard as marketing automation of hot vs cold prospects was limited leading to missed opportunities of conversion.


Limited drip Email & SMS Automation

Communication is an important process when it comes to staying up to date with leads. But as there was no automated system in place communication was a hassle. They had to shoot out messages and emails in bulk to lists with limited qualification & priority. This consumed about 30 to 50% of their time.


After assessing many options of various shapes & sizes, myPat chose ExtraaEdge’s Admission and Marketing Automation CRM Software to overcome these admission technology limitations.


Goodbye! Google sheets

With the implementation of ExtraaEdge’s automation software, myPat could now easily store and access their leads from multiple lead sources such as social media, website, chatbot to name a few. Also, via allocation rules auto allocate them to the right teams for leading action.


Timely follow-ups & communication with notification alerts

With a tool there to empower them with follow-up alerts on time, the process became a lot smoother for myPat admissions team members to follow up with candidates at every important step throughout the process. Also, with ExtraaEdge’s deep behavioural analysis on past data, it made it more convenient for them to focus on candidates who were more likely to enrol.
On the basis of this new data they could now prioritize between their leads and set alerts accordingly.


Automated process to send emails and SMS

With the integration of an automated system to send bulk emails and messages, it cut down the time they consumed in manually follow up of every lead. myPat was now equipped to schedule emails and messages which were triggered at every step of the enrolment process. This combined with rule based campaign engines  completely put marketing on auto-pilot.



Timely follow up

Timely communication with prospect students with the help of alerts and notifications helped myPAT teams to increase their counsellor’s performance by 30%. Call volume also increased by 25% with notification alerts in place.
Lead leakage dropped by 10%, now they had end to end details about every lead at every level of enrolment.


Data-driven admission process

The transition from Bitrix24 CRM to ExtraaEdge CRM was easy as myPAT found ExtraaEdge CRM to be user-friendly, highly customisable & tightly integrated with all possible channels  in comparison to Bitrix24 CRM. Bitrix24 CRM had posed difficulty and complication not only in terms of the use but also the implementation.


Lead priority and filtering

Categorizing leads became super easy with ExtraaEdge’s deep behavioural analysis which helped them to qualify leads and work effectively on important leads.  It was finally coming together into a one stop CRM solution. The result was a 25-30% increase in online conversions.


Able to track all Marketing channels for true ROI

Integrating all of their marketing channels with ExtraaEdge’s CRM platform made it easy for myPAT to track lead source channels performance from one tool. This feature helped them to compare performances from different channels and take strategic decisions which resulted in a 30% decrease in marketing cost. Truly phenomenal considering the marketing budget deployed.


Increased conversion rate

With a cost-effective tool which could track all end to end marketing activities and details of each lead at every step, myPat was able to increase their lead closures effectively by 30%. Delivering true ROI for the admissions team.

How ExtraaEdge Can Help You Exceed your Conversions goal?

Unlike other CRM solutions out there, ExtraaEdge’s marketing automation software is specifically designed for educational enterprises.
We have a proven track record of helping clients achieve their goals and we’d like to help you do the same.

Our award winning Sales & Marketing Automation Software helps educational institutes to –

  •         Increase your Marketing Return On Investment
  •         Optimize the efficiency of Counselling teams
  •         Accelerate Admissions with Marketing & Admissions Automation
  •         Track your end to end marketing and admissions activity to perform better year on year


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