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Technology is completely transforming the way we do everyday things. From buying groceries online to renting houses in just a few clicks, technology has taken over everything! The education landscape is no exception.

The new-age customers – “students”, “parents” and “alumni” who have been consumed by this progression have forced a new era of Higher Education Institutions to emerge who not only understand this shift but also embrace it.

Digital Application Forms and Cloud telephony have replaced excel sheets and landline phones. Advanced stand-alone CRM for Education with Artificial Intelligence is already a reality. Innovative tools like Chatbots, Online Application Forms or Enrollment management systems are a few tools that can effectively digitize the admissions process.

Many counsellors have embraced this new age of technology to win their everyday admission battles. “Over 70% of institutes today have introduced a digital tool like CRM or Application Management system to ease the burden on counsellors and increase admissions drastically.”

6 Technologies Boosting Student Admissions


CRM for Education



A CRM – Customer Relation Management system lies at the heart of the process. It brings all the marketing, enrollment and engagement tools onto one platform.

An education CRM does everything from auto capturing leads to qualify the leads i.e. identifying the genuine prospects by their activities and online behaviour.

A CRM for education helps the counsellor to persuade the prospects through on-time communication, follow-ups, sending them information about the institute and sending general reminders. An education CRM can be your admission team’s best friend!


CHATBOTS – Powering Intelligence to Admissions



One of the best tools used by admission counsellors for student engagement is Live Chat. Chat is as crucial to a website as is a website to an organisation today. But, one of the biggest challenges of a Live chat is the need for a dedicated resource, available 24/7 to manage every student enquiry.

On average 92% of the students browse the internet only after 8 in the evening. Many institutes miss out on engaging with students on time because of these odd timings. But, having an admission counsellor to engage with them in the evening and beyond is not a great long-term solution. This is where a chatbot can help.

What is a Chatbot?

A bot is nothing more than a computer program that automates certain tasks, typically by chatting with a user through a conversational interface.

The most advanced bots are powered by artificial intelligence, helping them to understand complex requests, personalize responses, and improve interactions over time. It’s as simple as ordering a list of if-then statements and answering all course-related queries, often without any technical mumbo jumbo.

Aside from being awesome for helping with student admission queries, AI-powered chatbots can be part of your marketing initiatives and help push your students seamlessly through your admission funnel!

What can a chatbot do for a college/university?

  • Larger student engagement – Chatbots are unique because they engage with your students and retain them
  • Personalisation – Interacting with a student by name can completely alter the nature of a conversation
  • No Limit Outreach – Because chatbots are sitting 24*7*365 perennially on your website, landing pages & admission forms, you could engage any number of students at the same time and at any time
  • Gather and analyze student feedback and data
  • Send relevant admission notifications and
  • Make the admission experience more fun for a student


Online Application Forms



Application forms are not new to the battlefield. In this economy, quality beats quantity. Easing the admissions process for students and making it fun is a core achievement of having engaging online application forms. Automating qualification criteria to filter out only the required students takes away a huge pain for the admissions team as well as students.

By investing in online application forms, you will make your counsellors’ jobs a lot easier!


Automation and Digital Tools



Like how an online marketplace makes it easier to buy everything in one place, having an end-to-end system that helps you manage all your communications – follow-ups – interviews – in one place would be an amazing tool to have!

That’s what admissions and marketing automation tools do. It enables better quality and quantity in admissions over the years. Automated SMS and Email is a must if you wish to beat your competition to reach your prospective student.

Automated call recording and an auto log are important when there is a large inflow of calls. There are many cloud telephony and IVR service providers that help achieve this easily.


Tracking and Measurement



By knowing the problem, you are already solving half the problem. Detailed reports and analytics that give actionable insights help you do that.

Measuring the performance of all resources in admissions – the counsellors, publishers, marketing channels, demographics of prospects, etc. – is the key to utilising the resources in the most efficient manner.

More importantly, the analytics must be available in real-time and on the go so the course correction in the strategy can be taken before all is lost.


Predictive Analytics – Will a prospect enquiry take admissions?



With AI & ML entering the workforce has given new hopes on the ways of effective selling. One of the hottest topics being ‘Prediction’ in sales. For eg, A lot of new-age e-commerce companies leverage prediction to focus on customers with a high probability of buying their product.

Can prediction in sales be relevant to the education industry? A counsellor’s ability to predict the admission decision of a potential student is the holy grail of the admission process. But doing this manually is tedious.

With the ease and use of technology, it’s a good thing that even in the education industry, we have tools like Predictive analytics that can predict the “buying decision” with some accuracy based on prior buying patterns.

Getting the right student for your institute is very crucial, with prediction analytics at your disposal you can make sure you fill in all your seats with the right students.





It’s an education marketer’s dream come true! A world where institute brands can build authentic relationships with their students, and students can learn to engage with the institute seamlessly.

Embracing these marketing technologies today will give you a true competitive advantage over other institutes.

Take a look at these tools in action

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