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Integrate all your lead channels

Bring in all your leads from different marketing & publishers channels into our education CRM to have a single view of all your prospects.

✔ IVR Integration
Form Integration
✔ Publisher Integration
✔ Ad Channels Integration

Engage prospects via different mediums

Communicate & nurture your prospects with inbuilt mediums such as Call, SMS, Email & the most trending medium at the moment Video.

✔ Marketing Automation (Student Journey Mapping)
Inbuilt Click to Call
 WhatsApp & SMS Communication
✔ Inbuilt Video Call App

Prioritise leads based on ML predictive score

Our Conversion Prediction using Machine Learning (ML) score is a play on collating leading indicators to determine conversion probability. Algorithms work to train the model on parameters e.g. channels, follow-ups done & missed, comments, lead changes, calling outgoing & incoming, sentiment of comments.

Filter dynamically on prospects likely to convert
Score dashboard across leads with sentiments
Take recommended next steps e.g. email, SMS, WhatsApp
Notifications to priortise on recommended actions

Inbuilt Reports Dashboard to Analyse Results

Measure & analyse performance across your multiple centres, franchise, teams & marketing channels through our 50+ customised reports. Measure marketing ROI, track conversion funnel & counsellor performance in real time.

A single view dashboard
Counsellor performance dashboard
Ad channel performance
Publisher panel

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What is an Education CRM?
Education CRM is a lead management system which helps you to integrate all of your leads from multiple sources (FB Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, etc) & publishers (Shiksha,, CollegeDekho, Careers360, GetMyUni, etc) with auto-allocation between different teams, centres, regions, etc.

CRM for Education further helps you prioritize leads & automate communication in all forms like SMS, Email, & WhatsApp. This helps in understanding prospect patterns that help in nurturing them towards enrolment.

An education CRM system also provides you an in-depth performance report across your lead channels, publishers, & team members.

What are the benefits of an education CRM system?
  • Integrate all your lead channels into an education CRM system
  • Automate communication at every level through SMS, email & WhatsApp
  • Get Follow-up notifications for your next action items from your education CRM system
  • Design beautiful email templates to engage with your prospects
  • Get 50+ customisable reports about your team, marketing campaigns, lead sources & 3rd party publishers
Is Education CRM expensive?
No, compared to the value in terms of conversions & admissions tasks a counselor gets done with a modern education CRM, the price is very reasonable. Moreover its an investment for an education institute.
How to choose the right & best education CRM for your institute?
  • It should be customisable according to your admission process & needs
  • There should not be any hidden charges
  • It should be mobile-enabled for your teams to work from anywhere
  • It should be able to trigger communication based on prospect behaviour
  • It should be able to generate actionable reports to make data-driven decisions

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