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We started with the purpose to bring the power of technology to education thereby making the processes and outcomes better. Keeping this purpose in mind, we created a set of founding principles that reflect the beliefs of the founders, that showcase how we have evolved as a team and that guide us for the road ahead.

Don’t take our word for it.

Our Dharma


Absolute & unwavering trust in each other. Everything we do at work & believe in, starts with trust first. At ExtraaEdge trust is given 100% at Day 1 to each one of you and it’s your responsibility to nurture, strengthen & build it from strength to strength.


Innovation is the key to a long term competitive advantage in the software world we inhabit. Innovation in technology, process, communication, problem solving & behaviour is something we cherish & consider prime to our existence.


Being grateful to what personal & business opportunities we have been presented with, camaraderie moreover warmth of colleagues, serendipitous help from the outer world to become successful and face the tough times with courage and smile.


Execution – getting things done is something we believe is truest to our values. “Why not Today” is the anthem in the company, we believe we all should do whatever we can today, tomorrow & so on to move the ball closer to the goal post.


The ability to put yourself in the shoes of colleagues, customers, partners & stakeholders every day is the key to solving for use cases in business and life. Combining the Emotional Quotient along with the Intelligence Quotient is as important in the world we inhabit.

Culture in practice

Begin with trust

We will trust you with work, responsibility, data & information. We expect you to look at others in the same light. Believe in the fact that others trust you and so should you trust your own ability, skill & capabilities. Beginning with trust will allow you to operate with courage, experiment within limits & ask for help when you need it.

Always respond, not react

We cannot get everything done by ourselves. We all need support from others. Remember, don’t react based on preconceived assumptions about others. They are NOT TRUE. Ask for what you need from others, it is not your responsibility to optimize for others’ problems that you have imagined to be true.

Possess a continuous improvement mindset

We always believe that the work we are doing is good, but it can be better! This means, as an ExtraaEdgian, your default duty is to have a continuous improvement mindset – towards your work, towards others work and towards your organization. If the ball is being dropped, offer direct help or bring help from the organization.

Have an attitude of gratitude

An attitude of gratitude in ExtraaEdge means creating a conscious mindset and habit to express thankfulness and be grateful for, every aspect of your life, both the things that are going well and the things that aren’t. Being grateful for what you currently have & can offer to others is the straight path towards internal happiness & bliss.

Believe in getting things done

At ExtraaEdge both the founders embody it every day and bring it to work. It refers to the tendency of favouring action over inaction. There are times when we are afraid to do something because we aren’t certain about the outcome. Developing a mindset of ‘getting things done’ helps you to take the call without fear.

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