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Most of the educational admission teams still rely on Google or Excel sheets ( referred now as “excel” ) to conduct their admission & marketing activities as it provides many advantages such as,

  • Easy to use
  • Free of cost
  • Easy to get started
  • Single data storage

At first, spreadsheets seems to be a viable option to perform the task which doesn’t involve a huge amount of data & various business workflows. Accessing a huge amount of data & workflows on spreadsheets can be difficult to set-up moreover time-consuming, therefore need for a better custom solution. Spreadsheets save money but in the long run, you will end of compromising on efficiencies. These shortcomings can be overcome by an automated CRM solution which most of the education institutes are utilizing at the fullest.

Excel is worlds best-known spreadsheet but it falls short in core areas especially when it comes to education marketing. Companies like Airtable, Notion, etc. are trying to disrupt this segment in various ways. As the institute grows you will need a more efficient admission automation tool that can manage data efficiently and help you prioritize it on various parameters. Most of the prestigious education institute are replacing the spreadsheet with a more advanced automated CRM solution due to the following reasons.

  • Difficult to integrate all marketing channels
  • Linear tasks with no automation
  • Not able to provide an online application workflow
  • The predictive analysis & ability to leverage data analytics is limited.
  • Lack of detailed control and security
  • Unfit for a fast-growing education sector


So many fast-growing educational industries shifting their focus from Excel to CRM software due to the following advantages of CRM


Improve efficiency via all in one customer lifecycle software

CRM software may cost you initially but it is a long term investment for industries of all sizes. In education institute, the counsellor needs to communicate with a large number of prospects. If they rely on the traditional method such as spreadsheets then it will decrease their efficiency and will consume more time. But with the help of CRM software, they can communicate with all their prospects on time which results in increased follow-ups. Prompt communication with prospects leads to increased enrolments which turn increase the overall profit of the institute.

Tailormade & Customised CRM for each institute

Excel sheets work as “the same size fits all”. Tally & Quickbooks leads accounting software, Practo leads medical doctor software, Zenoti leads the wellness software market, Capillary leads retail customer software so why should education marketing be left behind. Focused & Tailormade CRM software for the industry. Yes, the need for tool changes with the business model. In spreadsheets, there are few restrictions beyond which you can not customize your profile. With CRM you can have customized platforms according to your institute needs. Filtering out features that you don’t need helps to cut down your operation and marketing cost, which could be utilized elsewhere.

Source: Capterra


Single source of lead repository across all marketing channels

With spreadsheets, there is a manual burden of adding all your leads which you receive from multiple channels. However, with a CRM you could easily integrate your multiple lead channels in the system through APIs which store all your leads. For example, if visitor responds to your Facebook ads, Email ad campaign or on your institute website then you will get a notification on your CRM. So that you can manage your Marketing and Sales campaign from one single centralized system.


Putting admission marketing on pure autopilot

When it comes to automating tasks, CRM is a mile ahead as compared to spreadsheets. With spreadsheets, you need to manually update the sheet whenever there is a change in the admission status. But with CRM you can automate these tasks which simplify your work. In the education sector, most of the leads come from the institute website. When a lead fills the form you get notification Email of lead details. You fill this data in spreadsheets manually, but in CRM software the details of the leads automatically get added into the system moments after your prospects click on the submit button. There is no need to fill data manually all the data directly get filled from your website to the CRM software.

Source: Wrike


Get key insights from admission data to take decisions

Every successful education institute needs to analyze its admissions & marketing ROI. Spreadsheets provide tools such as Pivot table, Bar graph, Pie chart etc.but there is a limitation in the use of these tools. They can’t analyze the huge amount of data very accurately also to input this data in the sheet  Moreover using tools like predictive modelling, big data analysis & understanding channel optimizations is a specialized activity. For the complex report which involves large numbers of spreadsheets. Whereas, CRM let you create a variety of reports on demand. And when it comes to data generating CRM is way better than spreadsheets.

Source: Pexels


Both CRM and spreadsheets are one of the best tools, but they are designed to perform different tasks. If you are a small education institute and you have to perform less complicated work then the spreadsheet is well suited to you. But if you are looking for a single platform, and you need to perform more complex work with less complication then you must shift to an educational CRM from Excel. With CRM software you gain valuable insights into your prospects which are hard to track via spreadsheets. CRM allows you to have more focus on customer satisfaction, track frequent problem and carry out an important analysis. After the implementation of CRM, your team will save precious time which can be utilized to perform more important and productive tasks.

Don’t wait up, see the CRM in action itself by booking a demo from the below link.

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