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“I am fed up with Spreadsheets!!”
“Maintaining data using pen and paper is so frustrating!!”
“The ERP we use is so ancient!!”

If you have been having these thoughts every time you sit down to work, it’s time you start looking for a good CRM System. But it’s not easy to select a CRM that fits all your needs. Invariably the million-dollar question arises:


“How do I know if my company needs a CRM which is education-focused?”

Always keep this in mind, any educational institution that wants to maintain a relationship with their leads which are typically the prospective students & alumni will benefit more by using an education CRM system.

As an education institution, an education CRM is a better tool to support your student recruitment and admission processes than an off the shelf system.

You may not know much about the right CRM tools, but it’s changing the way universities and schools are talking to their existing and future students. With some universities needing to keep track of thousands of inquiries on a monthly basis, on top of their existing students, parents, employees, and external organizations, it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

Education CRM tools can help keep track of these conversations. You can also fill in the seats that have been left out due to a lack of follow-up on a potential lead.


“We don’t need an education CRM, Excel sheets are good enough!”

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t rely on an excel sheet. Those who say excel sheets are good enough, also point out that it’s because they don’t know much about what an education CRM system is and how it can help their institute’s education marketing.

Another reason is they find budget as a major barrier. What they don’t realize is that a CRM is a short-term expense with long term benefits. What’s more, an education CRM system only costs around 5-10% of your marketing budget.

There is no question that an education CRM is essential for education institutes. But it’s important to ask these 6 questions before choosing a system for your admission processes.


Choose the right Education CRM System by Asking these Questions


1. Is it built for my institute?



It is important that you understand what problem you are trying to solve. Clarifying your problems and goals will help you understand the functionality you will need. By answering the question, “what operational admission challenges do we need to solve?”, you will have a better understanding of what type of CRM you need and if an education CRM system is meant for your institute.

For e.g., If you are an institute that has 25+ courses & gets 20k+ inquiries in the admissions season with 40+ admissions teams working night & day to identify the right fit……

…………Then, hell yeah, you need an education CRM system!


2. How easy is it to use? Will my employees be able to adapt to the system easily?



People are a bit hesitant to change, irrespective of the system you choose to adopt. The key here is to put your team at ease and acknowledge that they are not at risk of losing or sharing their leads with others.

The more ownership your employees have in the selection of the new CRM system, the more likely they are to adopt it and help their colleagues adopt it as well.

Imagine that the transition is as smooth as a transition in the updates of WhatsApp. No one actually trains you with the recent updates, do they? But don’t you accept it with ease because it is easy to use!!


3. How long does it take to implement the system?


Quick implementation is key! Any time you decide to change or introduce new software, there is going to be an implementation period that you need to consider. Implementation can incur substantial costs and will take time away from your teams’ current obligations, so do not underestimate this step.

Instead of an ERP system, which takes 6 months to just get implemented (Wait, What?), let alone get started, I would highly recommend opting for an education CRM System that takes minimal time and effort to implement in your educational institute.


4. How mobile is the system?



Mobility has become crucial in today’s world. Your admissions team is most likely in the field using devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. So you need a mobile education CRM system that can be accessed by a variety of web-based devices.

Keep in mind that sales folks always keep themselves up to speed with the current technology to stay relevant, so you will want a platform that will be updated regularly and remain current with new trends.


5. How easy is it to integrate with other solutions I already use?



You can now connect applications that you already use through APIs, so connecting multiple systems is not an issue anymore. However, it is in your best interest that you choose an education CRM system that is compatible with the applications that you already use.

Do you already use an ERP/MIS system(s) that works well for your institute processes? Maybe you are in need of a complimentary education CRM that would accelerate your admissions and help you in managing your processes efficiently. Just go ahead and grab a CRM that works for your institute!


6. What is the total cost of the software? How much budget do I have?



Budget is one of the most important parameters. The budget allocated for the education CRM system should provide value for money. Value for money is based not only on the minimum purchase price but also on the efficiency and effectiveness of the product in the long run.

Is the system well worth the money spent on it? Did I save the money? X in marketing budget with faster conversions worth Rs. Y. That’s how you should see a CRM purchase as an investment decision in terms of ROI & not as a purchase decision.


Common mistakes that educators do while choosing an education CRM system



1. Unwillingness to use a CRM

2. Failure to define why you need a CRM

3. Overcomplicating Business Goals

4. Choosing an Incompatible System

5. Ignoring Valuable Features


Hope this article will clear all your doubts regarding how to choose and why to choose an education CRM system.



Embrace the CRM revolution & make the changes today!!

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