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“Education industry is one of the top 5 industry profiting from chatbots”


Increase your enrollment conversions by 2x-3x


Save 30% in admission support cost


By 2020, 85% of admission interactions will be handled by chatbots


64% users say 24×7 availability is the best feature of chatbots

World’s #1 Chatbot in Education platform designed for the admissions team


Grow your brand presence by customising the chatbot according to the look, feel and flow based on your admission strategy with access to analytics moreover insights for better engagement


  • Curated Recipe & Workflow
  • Custom look & feel
  • Branding & Communication
  • Across Devices

24*7 Presence & LiveChat

Optimized for every device with auto responses 24*7. Easy transition to Live Chat to solve complex queries & keep the communication engaging throughout.


  • Ubiquity
  • Auto Responses
  • Varied Engagements
  • Smart transition to the agent


Automate the process of conversion milestones such as form purchase, brochure download etc. with an option to schedule call & walk-ins to accelerate your admissions.



  • Qualify the prospects
  • Smart CTA’s
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Accelerate Conversions

#Conversational Marketing Dashboards that power education marketers to focus on engagements & conversations

Vijay Jagtap

Manager Admissions

The Chatbot by ExtraaEdge is a great marketing & lead acquisition tool for the students. This especially as most of the traffic is online & driven by digital marketing. Therefore, having a 24*7 admission bot helps us keep our marketing on autopilot by serving the prospect students when they need without any human intervention. We have seen tremendous engagement on our website via the Chatbot. Moreover, with an ability to customise the bot recipe on the fly, have it optimised across devices, change the brand appearance & give a brand touch makes it super powerful. We have now fully digitised our best counseling practices via the sheer power of chat bots. I congratulate ExtraaEdge team for this innovation & also the Customer Success team for helping us build the recipe with their vast experience.

Educational enterprises powered by ExtraaEdge Admission Chatbot

MIT Gurukul
Atria University
Suryadatta group of institutes
Avantika University
Himalayan university

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Why is Education Industry opting for Chatbots?

In the education industry, chatbots have become one of the most significant tools for both student engagement and acquisition. Education Chatbot is the new intelligent product today, which can act as a virtual advisor. Following the pandemic, the number of students seeking information online has nearly doubled, making the availability of a Chatbot critical. It is available on the website 24*7 to assist students with their questions and collect all of the information they offer. This information allows counselors to contact the student with a thorough understanding of the student’s interest in a certain course.

How are Chatbots benefiting Education Industry?

An education chatbot can assist interested students by offering specific information on the courses they are looking for. It also makes it very simple for students to choose an options from a drop-down menu in an appealing style. All of the options chosen by the user can be used by admissions teams to better understand the student’s profile. Some of the other main advantages of Education Chatbots include:

• Students receive immediate assistance and responses.
• An improved user experience.
• A better understanding of the student’s preferences
• Integration in Education CRM also becomes easy.

How does Chatbot work on a website?

A chatbot uses a text interface to communicate with website visitors. The goal of having an Education Chatbot on your website is to assist students in learning more about your courses. It assists your visitors by responding to their inquiries, providing details about your institute, and more. The chatbot responds to the user’s request with the most relevant response, which could be a preset text reply on the context based on data provided by the user. This data is kept in databases and gets integrated in the CRM.

How to choose the right & best chatbot for your institute?

It is critical to first establish the correct use case for a chatbot in the education industry before making a decision. Before choosing the ideal Chatbot for Education, there are a few factors to consider:

• The data collected from the chatbot should get integrated in the CRM.
• The chatbot should be customisable as per your specific needs.
• It should be backed up by industry knowledge.
• There should be no hidden charges.

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