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This is part of a series of successful case studies of CRM & Admission Technology implementation across the education industry. We believe this information will benefit the wide audience of education marketers worldwide in general to adopt the best practices & accelerate CRM adoption. The author thanks the Admission Team of Simpson University & esp Mr. Dustin Lowe for setting a great precedent for the admission team community worldwide. Please note we do not have any affiliation to either Simpson University or TargetX. This is just a best practice series.

Simpson University is a private, liberal arts college in Redding, California. Named after Albert Benjamin Simpson, it was originally founded in 1921 in the state of Washington. After being initially relocated to San Francisco in the mid-1950s, it moved to its current location of Redding, California, in 1989.



Simpsons online application needed a complete overhaul to suit the changing needs of smartphone, online application, digital payments & simplicity of the UI. Moreover, their existing system created roadblock into converting inquiries into applicants.

“Ten percent of our prospects will start an application and not finish. We know many of our students are completing their applications on phones,” explains Dustin Lowe, Senior Director of Admissions. “We had to do something to streamline our application processes.” 

Fig 1: Established in 1921 in the state of Washington, Simpson University is one of the premium institutes in California




  • Complex online application sign-in process was a hindrance to the smooth enrollment process
  • Each student was assigned a specific username that was hard for students to remember, resulting in an innumerable locked account, also leading to students losing interest to complete the application within the deadline
  • Inability of the system to process huge chunk of data, reports on who attended an event or inability to identify the event attendee as a final prospect student 
  • Manual entry of prospects  in the system was a tedious task and there was a huge manual dependency.


Way to tackle

The Simpsons University required a CRM Software which would ease online application sign-in process, handle paid events, provides a report on attendance and also be able to connect university SIS to the CRM.

Lowe says, “As soon as we saw TargetX, it was clear that it would be an obvious enhancement to our student experience, especially on the mobile side of things.”



  1. Simpsons University implemented a CRM software which was easy to use on any mobile device, as the number of students who use their mobile phones to apply at college increased day by day.
  2. They integrated the Student Information System (SIS) with CRM leading to 2-way integration rather than manually processing data which they were doing prior to  shifting to a CRM
  3. The analytics, reports & insights were getting generated in real time allowing teams to take data-driven admission decisions.


Fig 2: The solution lies in implementing CRM based system, image credit: cio.com



  1. The Simpsons plan to increase the number of students applications with the help of Mobile was achieved with the new CRM in place.
  2. With the implementation of new CRM, the retention rates of students increased which helped in the university’s overall revenue.

Fig 3: Advantages of using a CRM in the education industry

Since implementing TARGETX CRM at Simpsons University. They are now focusing on student lifecycle to build and grow. So that it will help Simpsons University in students success.

Lowe adds, “Right now, our main goal is to convert inquiries to applicants. We’re excited that TargetX makes it simple for prospects to sign-in to their online application, and they can do that on their phones, or anywhere they want with ease. We plan to cut the number of students who don’t complete their started applications in half (at least). We feel confident that we can do that with TargetX.”

In the case of Simpsons University, CRM software helps to increase the number of students application and retention of students to a greater extent..Some of the other important benefits include :

So in this case study we saw how streamlining the processes to a CRM System can improve your process efficiency.


Important CRM Statistics:

  • CRM is the fastest growing software market today. It was a $14 billion industry in 2010 and is expected to reach $80 billion by 2025. That’s nearly a 600% increase. (Source: Grand View Research)
  • A recent survey revealed that for companies that use a CRM, the average return on their technology investment is $8.71 for each dollar spent. (Source: Nucleus Research)
  • Educational Institutes leveraging CRM software have seen an increase in enrolments by 29%.(Source: Salesforce)
  • Although most businesses are using a CRM, adoption rates are still quite low, with an average adoption rate across industries of 26%. (Source: Salesforce)


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About the author :

ExtraaEdge is a VC backed pioneer in Admissions & Marketing Automation software for the education industry. We are the category leaders when it comes to understanding education marketing & technology that powers educational enterprises. This blog is an effort to share our learnings from the Industry and help education marketeers, admissions counselors and all associated stakeholders of education enterprises learn and grow together.

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