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Founded in 1967, Humber College is one of Canada’s largest post-secondary institutions. The school offers 160 full-time programs across more than 40 fields of study, as well as 200 part-time and 400 online programs or courses.



Humber was bogged down by manual processes by using their SIS in this way, which meant slow responses to applicants, difficulties printing and delivering acceptance letters, and losing ground to the competition. Timing is everything when it comes to communications with prospective students. The system wasn’t working well on its own. According to Barb Riach, Registrar at Humber College

According to Barb Riach, Registrar at Humber College,“it was a real challenge basically to select the appropriate students who needed communication and then also to target those messages that they needed.

Fig 1: Established in 1967, Humber College is one of Canada’s largest post-secondary institutions.



1. Student information system (SIS) wasn’t meeting all of the college’s outreach needs

2. Manual processes were causing delays in communicating with prospective students

3. Difficulty determining which applicants needed communications and when


Way to tackle

The college sought a solution that would give them greater insights into which students should receive messages from the college and when they should receive those communications, as well as speeding up the school’s application and enrollment processes.

What we’ve done here is we’ve taken Dynamics and used it as a platform to develop a solution that can connect to any other system and automate any school’s enrollment process,” says CRM Dynamics’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Rob Triggs.



1. Combining the school’s SIS with Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions to automate the school’s enrollment process

2. Streamlining email scheduling and delivery, including sending 40,000 offer emails to applicants

3. Automatically sorting through applicant information to deliver targeted messaging


Fig 2: The solution lies in implementing CRM based system


ClickDimensions was the perfect marketing automation and email marketing addition to this customized solution. Not only is ClickDimensions built natively and seamlessly inside CRM, the team at CRM Dynamics also knew that it could handle Humber’s complex marketing requirements, help automate some of the school’s manual processes and deliver targeted messages to applicants.



1. Reduced acceptance and enrollment timeline from months to a matter of days or weeks

2. Eliminated errors by providing greater visibility.

3. Improved the applicant experience


Fig 3: Advantages of using a CRM in the education industry

Since implementing ClickDimensions and the custom solution designed by CRM Dynamics, Humber has seen their acceptance and enrollment process go from a two or three-month operation to being completed in a few days or weeks. The solution has also helped reduce errors while giving key players at Humber insight into which applicants are opening emails and how they are interacting with the messages.

We were actually able to send out our 40,000 offer emails between midnight and 1:30 in the morning, so in fact, when a student would get up in the morning – a prospective student – they would have their offer from Humber before other colleges,” remarks Gillian Carson, Director, Enterprise Applications at Humber College. “That gives you a significant competitive advantage.

The process now is as smooth as glass,” said Sarah Peake, Associate Registrar, Humber College

We saw how streamlining the processes to a CRM System can improve your process efficiency.

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